A few recent photos …

Paltry, I know!  But here they are:

Kalahari Falcon


Simba Kahn


22 responses to “A few recent photos …

  1. I loved these pictures! Kalahari looks like he’s deep in thought, Nugget looks very relaxed, and Simba Kahn looks adorable, as usual. : )

  2. Kalahari looks like he’s deep in thought, trying to figure out how to do something bad….

    • Jill! Good to see you can post again. Yes, where Kalahari is perched in this photo is the best vantage point nearest the hummingbird feeder, so you can certainly imagine what he’s contemplating.

  3. Paltry?? NOT!! Very, very sweet photos of Kalahari, Nugget and Simba Kahn! 😀

  4. Beautiful photos once again – thanks Molly. certainly NOT ‘paltry’.

    As Jill said, KF knoqws WHAT he wants to do, but just figuring out best way to implement it (and when might be the most inconvenient time).

    Nugget adorable.

    SK wondering whether being photographed or having stud pants applied is the worse indignity.

    Hope the ‘gang’ have returned to your bedroom for a morning snuggle rather than scattering for other pursuits.

    Bobin. [Has emerged from his Kitchen Cupboard to write this]

    • Bobin, I had more visitors this morning as I awoke — that is until Simba Kahn set off one of the ‘siren’ cans again placed along the closet doors. I’d remove them, but I love not seeing spray marks on the door mirrors. When the can went off everyone stampeded out.

  5. when will Nug-git inform me if my fan club submission was accepted? 🙂 these pictures are adorable as always, Molly!

  6. Certainly not paltry! Just 3 lovely pictures of 3 adorable kitty residents.

  7. Sweet pictures as usual Molly. Kalahari indeed looks as if he is deep in contemplation – of something.
    The other two have their own thoughts, of course.

  8. I had to go look it up – applies to all 3 pics and I think fits them to a T!
    Main Entry: adorable
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: cute, lovable
    Synonyms: ambrosial, appealing, attractive, captivating, charming, cute, darling, dear, delectable, delicious, delightful, dishy, dreamy*, fetching, heavenly, luscious, pleasing, precious, sexy, suave

  9. *scratching head* Does anyone know which word Auntie JAFO looked up? I don’t think it was “paltry.” I just looked it up to make sure I had its definition right.

  10. Siren cans … my word for a motion detector cat deterrent device. This one is a regular spray can with the motion detector on top. It has 3 settings: off, noise only, & noise + spray … when it senses a motion, it will ‘go off’ according to the setting. Seems very effective, but problematic in that it’s difficult to localize the exact local where a motion will trigger it. Also, it doesn’t just scare the perpetrator, but scares all the cats in the vacinity. I’ve left mine on the noise setting only as that on its own is pretty effective and doesn’t require canister replacement … it runs on batteries. I may do a video/blog on all this at some point … ??

    • How do you keep it from going off every time a cat walks by?

      • You don’t … lol. The whole point is to keep the cats from walking by that area … it could be a couch, for example or a kitchen counter. Of course you can set it off yourself as well. It’s worked well for 2 spots in the mstr bedrm. Simba Kahn and/or Nugget were spraying the mirrored doors, and Sequoia had picked a spot behind the plant… with 2 cans carefully aimed, no one will even go on that side of the room after only a couple of scares. SK was funny this morning. He sat on the bed looking down into the danger zone. You could see him debating … then he finally hopped down and the can went off. For open areas, though, where you can’t carefully choose the aim of the sensor the cans are pretty useless.

    • Yes PLEASE…
      Im sure KF would be happy to demonstrate – or perhaps the ever unflappable GR?

      Siren cats a go go!

  11. Molly they are just so beautiful and sweet. We do not get to seen enough of Simba and Nugget.

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