Simba Kahn fans sign up here!

So, am I now going to have to have a fan club for each and every cat?  I’m still getting ’roundto’ setting up Nugget’s “official’ fan club.  What am I doing with all of my time — no kittens under foot?  That’s a very good question.  But a question for another post when I get ’roundto’ THAT!  I’m currently lollygagging in bed with Gypsy Rose.  I have, alas, been abandoned by EVERYONE.  Are my mornings with the bed covered in kitties over?  Yes, it would seem so.  I don’t know who is leading this movement, nor why.  For the last couple of nights even Nugget has declined to join me, preferring to party with the others downstairs while I sleep.  I guess the prozac is working!  I open my door in the morning and a few stragglers wander in, nose around, use the litter box, then split–except Gypsy Rose.  I strongly suspect that I’ve been feeding them too much in the evenings so that they are not appropriately pleased to see me in the morning, fickle little beasts that they are!  I particularly miss my Tiny Bear snuggle in the morning.

Now there’s a prime example of how easily I can wander off course!  This post was prompted by an email from one of KittyCam’s few male regulars, Bobin, concerning  a comment he read on my YouTube channel by Ravenaevans that she is a ‘card carrying member of Simba Kahn’s fan club.’  Well, you can understand Bobin’s panic at the thought that there might be a fan club for Simba Kahn of which he was unaware!  I believe a few threats were even mentioned along the lines of minority discrimination towards the male gender and other such folderol.  So, Simba Kahn now has a fan club as well.  It’s going to be a shock to the poor little retiring fellow.  When he finds out, he may spend a week in the kitchen cabinet, but I’m sorry, it’s going to have to be done!

MORE interesting than the above claptrap, is the story behind  Ravenaevens’ statement.  Some of you may know that she is Mickey’s new mom (one of his new moms) — Mickey was Goliath from the “G” litter.  Early this year Ravenaevens contacted me to get on my kitten list because she had lost a shaded golden male cat she was very attached to, and while she was looking around the Internet at Persian cats, Simba Kahn caught her eye.  He was the spitting image of her lost kitty!  It was very interesting to discover that her kitty and Simba Kahn’s parents were from the same cattery and were also very closely related!  So, now she has Mickey — never a replacement, but a new kitten sure goes a long way towards filling a hole in a heart!  Mickey’s dark markings are all fading away, but fortunately he managed to worm his way into their hearts before they discovered that he was going to look more like his mother than his daddy.  I’m sure it doesn’t matter a whit!!

Simba Kahn


20 responses to “Simba Kahn fans sign up here!

  1. I am also a fan of the handsome Simba Kahn and would love to be a card-carrying member of his fan club!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Molly, on behalf of the male gendered sub-section of the SimbaKhan Fan Club.

    I am very happy to carry his card, too…

  3. sign me up too.

    although i am waiting patiently for a gypsy rose fan club 🙂

  4. I am completely unbiased…I simply love them all! : )

  5. Sign me up .. and I will join each as they are established. He sure has been a wonderful “dad” to all his off spring.

  6. What an interesting story Molly. I too love all the kitties, so will join any fan clubs going.
    I hope the gang will rejoin you in the mornings soon, and your bed will be covered with cats again.

  7. Hope I am not late in signing up for the SK fan club – I just love that face of his 😀

  8. Yes, sign me up for the Simba Khan fan club too. As the ‘darling daddy’ of Mythicbells, he has much to be proud of.
    I’m sure that the gang will be joining you on the bed again soon, you know what cats are like!!

  9. Count me in too. Misha says meow to all. =^..^=

  10. Poor Jill, aka Ravenaevens has been trying to post to this string since she has a vested interest and pretty much started the whole thing, but she’s been having difficulties. She wrote her post to me in an email which was very sweet because it’s definitely worth sharing. Jill and her mom drove a long way to pick up their little Mickey and of course wanted to meet ALL of the cats. I hoped in vain that they would just sort of forget to ask after Simba Kahn but I should have known better. So, there we all were, crowded into my tiny kitchen while I opened the cabinet door …

    From Jill: “You’ve got that right, Molly — it doesn’t matter at ALL whether my darling baby boy loses his chipmunk stripes! He’s still my tiny-headed, incredibly sweet little Mickey! And his mama is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, so I can only hope he will look like Sahara!

    My mom and I laughed when we read about the “poor little retiring fellow” spending “a week in the kitchen cabinet”! I still have an image of poor Simba Kahn’s green, green eyes reflecting in the darkest back reaches of your kitchen cupboard, absolutely terrified of me. Poor baby! And I’ve noticed that, the older Mickey gets, the more he’s showing some of those tendencies: he gets very worried at the slightest strange noise, and yet he runs to greet the neighbor at the door (whom he’s never met before). Part of him is fearless (due to Molly’s handling in his infancy), and part of him thinks something large might come along and eat him (even though nothing bad has EVER happened to him in his life). So I think Simba Kahn’s genes are definitely in there somewhere, even though most of the time Mickey is just about as laid back and fearless as a cat can get!

    Anyway, I guess my Simba Kahn Fan Club card has now been made official and legitimate. Yay! He’s such a special little guy, and I’m so very sad I didn’t get to pet him when I came to visit. I just love him!”

  11. Love to read and hear all about the Mythicbells offspring and found Jill’s report on Mickey interesting along with the account of how they acquired him in the first place.
    Cats do differ in timidness don’t they. The last cat who ‘owned’ our family was a rescue cat and was quite street wise by the time he came to live with us. When we had our central heating installed, he hardly turned a whisker and, much to the amazement of the engineer, slept soundly on my bed through the constant drilling in the room! 😀

    • I agree, the range of timidity in cats is very interesting. I don’t know how hereditary it is. Simba Kahn was less so as a kitten, but he was still very jumpy compared to most kittens I’ve had. Nugget was also very timid as a kitten, while Tiny Bear was not. Gypsy Rose is as you describe the last cat who ‘owned’ your family. She supervises and holds the tools for the construction workers when anything is done around the house and often provides comic relief as well.

      • Phoebe and Zoey are littermates and couldn’t have more different personalities! Both are fearful of people visiting, but Zoey will come join us after a little while while Phoebe will stay in her safe place. Both are freaked out by the doorbell or someone knocking, as well as very loud noises outside and have their favorite safe hiding places. After the double whammy of the exterior of my condo being painted plus lots of tree work behind it last week, Phoebe showed me her displeasure by peeing on the carpet right in front of me (she NEVER goes outside her box)…this was after being in hiding during all the noise! Zoey is my lapcat who sleeps next to my head every night, while Phoebe has her cuddly “moments” and sleeps on the floor next to my bed at night. Phoebe spends a lot of time during the day sleeping in an enclosed, dark space while Zoey prefers the bathroom sink. Zoey also talks A LOT! As different as they both are, I love them both equally!

  12. I hope I’m not too late to join in the Simba Kahn loving. Sign me up, please!

    @Grizabella Yeah, more Mythicbells alumni reports, thank you!

    @Mindy Well written and funny. Lolled at the “peeing on the carpet” part, sorry! ;o)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! My poor girls were so traumatized with all the loud noise last week, plus the men painting in front of my windows and on my porch! I felt so bad for them! I’m lucky Phoebe’s little tinkle was the only repercussion! She has only done that one other time in 7 years (also right in front of me after a trauma) and Zoey has never gone outside their litter box. I’m very lucky to have very well-behaved girls! : )

      • Renovations/construction (and their sounds) are exhaustive to anyone, let alone someone who can’t do anything about them. I can imagine how you all felt. Your kitties sound lovely, and you lucky to be owned by them! ❤

  13. I am lucky! You can see them if you go on my YouTube (mindy573). I only have a handful of videos on there…I’m no Molly!

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