Addendum for the Simba Kahn Fan Club

Gremlins in my computer again?  I wrote this all out, published it, then couldn’t find it.  I said, “I’ll be darned if I’m going to write all THAT out again!”  And Thorpunious (whose blog it DID appear on) said, “I’ll be damned if I’m going to write THAT out again!”  Fortunately it wasn’t lost and “we” figured it out when Tigersmom posted a comment to it on the other blog.  I really MUST keep my respective ‘hats’ sorted out!

A little clarification if necessary in reference to the following sentence in the previous post Simba Kahn Fan Club post:

It’s going to be a shock to the poor little retiring fellow.  When he finds out, he may spend a week in the kitchen cabinet, but I’m sorry, it’s going to have to be done!

“little retiring fellow” — refers to Simba Kahn’s shyness, he is not retiring yet, nor am I–”spend a week in the kitchen cabinet” — I want to make it clear that he opens the cabinet door all by himself and climbs in there during times of stress.  I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.  Gypsy Rose taught him the trick, but she just does it for fun.  He comes out whenever he wants.

Here are some interesting statistics on Simba Kahn.  He turned four years old in March of this year, weighs in at just under 7 lbs and has fathered the A through H litters with three different queens.  In all, Simba Kahn has 30 children living in quality homes, in four states.  One lives with me, so he has 31 children total!  Only five of the 31 are silvers and of the silvers, there is only ONE female!  The rest are all shaded goldens.  Litters A, B, D & F were with Tiny Bear; C, E & G were with Sahara; & H was with Sirocco.


6 responses to “Addendum for the Simba Kahn Fan Club

  1. Simba Kahn is quite the ladies man! To think he’s getting ready to (hopefully) impregnate his fourth “girlfriend!” To look at his cute, little face you’d have no idea you were looking at such a stud (pun intended)!

  2. A very “studly” lad indeed. And handsome with it too.
    All his offspring are as beautiful as he is, and their mothers too of course.

  3. number 31 woulf have fun on the EAST Coast…..hmmmm, maybe this

  4. Hi Mary … maybe #32? lol. He/she could be famous for going the farthest. Kalahari is #31 … well technically I suppose last born in the “H” litter, either Lenny or Molly is #31 😀

  5. Thanks for clarifying SKs activities and also ‘cupboard love’ activities.

    I never assumed that in times of stress you ‘banged him away’ in a cupboard until the coast was clear, but its so interesting to hear the details and origins.

    Isnt it also fascinating how all the different cats find solace and safety in such different places… ? I expect it would be even more stressful for them to ‘hide together’.


    • *Bobin, Sometimes they DO hide together. For example: Nugget and Simba Kahn often do. But in general they find their own safe place when construction noises start. 😀 *

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