Tiny Bear today …


12 responses to “Tiny Bear today …

  1. Thank you Molly. She’s so sweet.

    Seems to be enjoying some quiet time in the garden. 🙂

  2. Yep, she looks so sweet and angelic. That’s just before she ripped into Sequoia for getting too close … lol.

  3. How beautiful she is

  4. She’s a gorgeous kitty with a plan. I can see it in her eyes. =D

  5. She has just about the cutest little face! I love how her eyes match the plants in the planter.

  6. We love TB… thanks for the pic…
    And Seq… watch out – keep your distance! Bobin

  7. Ah… the reigning Queen! So photogenic… and lovely, as always!

  8. Tiny Bear is a beautiful girl…

  9. Jennifer Heizer

    Miss Bear….so beautiful!!

  10. Beautiful Tiny Bear, you’ve caught her with her attentive and alert face.

  11. She really is the reigning Queen of your yard. Love her.

  12. Beautiful picture of Tiny Bear. I know Miss Little Princess is proud of her mommy. Thanks for sharing , Molly

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