Stud Pants !

Many of you have been following the saga of Simba Kahn’s wardrobe crisis. JAFO (aka Nanc of Nanny Granny Hearts & Crafts) has completed the very latest in studly felinewear for our boy Simba Kahn. We feel that the design is developed enough to “go public” with it. I have had a number of inquiries following my first You Tube video of Simba Kahn sporting his new duds and regrettably had to tell them that I had stumbled through making him a couple of pair but wasn’t up to producing a professional product for sale to other breeders in need. JAFO has done that for me! She did a fabulous job in transforming my fledgling concept into a reality that looks good and is well made. Obviously we may discover some flaws in our plan since Simba Kahn has been our only model. Not only is he tiny, but he’s a light sprayer, and he doesn’t mind wearing his duds — once I catch him! LOL. This is not going to be the case for every cat. In any case, JAFO has given me the go ahead to put the word out that she is now willing to make Stud Pants to order should anyone be interested. To that end, I’ve put up a webpage AND videos which will hopefully adequately describe this article of clothing and answer any questions.

Stud Pants can be ordered directly from JAFO aka Nanc through this webpage:


5 responses to “Stud Pants !

  1. Simba Kahn looks so cute in his little pants!

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Congrats Molly on “going public” with your stud-ly duds!! They are amazing and I agree with Mindy….SK is very cute in his little pants 🙂

  3. Well done – good luck Jafo, Molly (and Simba Kahn – King of Stud Pants) Bobin

  4. molly the stud pants are adorable. i’m trying to figure out if sk feels confident in them or not. 😉 leave it to you to design, partner with and complete a little pant for studs. you really are all things kitty! i love it!!! we are all so lucky to have you.

  5. That’s so cool Molly. You and Granny Nanny are very talented – hope you have continued success with the Stud Pants and S.K. continues to be willing to wear them!

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