Nugget fans sign up here!

I just told Nugget about her growing following and now there’s going to be no living with her. She’s decided she needs a Fan Club! I’m humoring her per our lifetime contract.

Actually this little post was inspired by Bobin’s comment about Nugget and how she deals with life with only one eye. When I had her at the vet for her check up, he looked in her eye, of course. He’s not the ophthalmologist, but could see how mis-shapen it is. In fact he suggested that I should take her back to the specialist. To what end I’m not sure. The eye COULD go ‘bad’ on us because of it’s congenital condition, however in general this condition pretty much is a status quo kind of thing, though Nugget’s is more severe than most. It’s interesting to note that Persistent Pupillary Membranes is common in dogs and almost unheard of in cats. Nugget’s is the only feline case the specialist had seen. But, yes, it does affect her vision and more so in brighter lighting when the pupil constricts around the edema on the cornea. The vet felt that she can probably see very little and said I should not be moving any furniture around (lol) — yet I’ve seen her spot a fly across the room and tear after said fly. She was chasing the hummingbirds just last week. She jumps up onto tables and other surfaces which a blind cat won’t do, or so I’m told. We do have one moderately serious problem here in the house, and that’s randomly moving projectiles — aka Kalahari! He will on occasion come bashing in on Nugget’s blind side and startle her. Small wonder that she’s a tad nervous!


45 responses to “Nugget fans sign up here!

  1. Sign me up for the Nugget Fan Club!

  2. sign me up too!i have been a huge fan of nug for years now. she is soo darn cute. is the fan club free or do we have to pay in treats?!?! 🙂

  3. Me three; and my mom makes four. Nugget is adorable and living proof that you don’t need a two-eyed cat to have a perfect, loving and sweet companion. Go Nugget!!!!

  4. My dachshund, Cassie, may she rest in peace, developed severe (very rapid) glaucoma in her left eye when she was around 10. Drops didn’t help so she had to have it removed. She did pretty well until she developed bad cataracts in her remaining eye when she was about 13 or 14. From then on she would bump into things or be under foot as she could really only see shadows and, therefore, gravitated towards solid objects. ‘Til her very last day on 2/4/10 at 16 1/4 years old she was happy as a clam, regardless of what she could or could not see.

  5. Ah, sweet Nugget! Sounds like she does quite well in spite of the eye issues. Seems to me it would be more stressful to her to get treatment than to let her be. I hope she continues to do well.

  6. Sign me up! Lots of love for Nugget!

  7. Sign me in 😀

  8. Hey! I’m in!I would like to sign up a hundred times but it doesn’t seem fair, so I’ll sign up only one time with a ton of love for the great pirate kitty. Polly sends her love too.

  9. Jennifer Heizer

    Put me on the list as well!!! I know that Nugget is an extraordinary kitty and, even with her handicap, she is one of the most lovable, beautiful cats I have seen in a long time! And I agree with Bobin, it is amazing how she deals with life (and many other kitties) with just one eye!! Shiver me timbers, I am definitely a Nugget fan!!!! Love to the pirate kitty 🙂

  10. Sign me up as Founder member 0 of Nuggets Fan Club! (I’m a NuggFan)

    Judging space and especially distance is particularly difficult with no depth (no 3D) vision… Nugget does amazingly well.

    As for getting ‘bounced’ by KF in ‘rampant mood’ – well – I fully commisserate with Nugget also. Poor peripheral vision means one has to turn your head far more to see things others wd notice ‘out of the corner of their eye’. I am sure it is very disconcerting to be hurtled by KF out of nowhere (and only marginally less so ‘out of somewhere’).

    Equally I am amzed how Nugget manages the tree baskets.

    Thanks Molly for details of what her condition is – I was unaware of the details before now (and Im sure I will forget far too soon as well, unfortunately).

    Love to Nugget (and all the others of course).

  11. OOO I forgot to sign up for followup comments! ….Bobin

    • Oh? you can sign up for ‘follow comment?!” I’ve wondered about that, but never got around to investigating. Now that you are signed up, Bobin, I’ll remind you (because I’m pretty sure you read and forgot — like many of us with the short term memory thing) that I wrote an article on a Nugget’s condition earlier this year:

      • Thanks Molly – I will refresh my brain cell.
        The way Wordopress blog works is that we get notiofied of each new post you make by email but for EVERY POST have to resignup to get email notification (copy) of the ‘replies’ to your main post, cnd can only do that if we post somethoung ourselves.
        SO thats why I often add a ‘stupid comment’ back so I get the chance to sign on for the replies/responses… IF i I remember to do so, of course!!

        Othewise I have to take the effort to actually look at the bog regularly, rather than my email… and you know what lengths I will go to avoid ‘taking any effort’!


  12. I am a Nugget fan too. Sign me up.

  13. Sign me up for Nugget’s Fan Club!!!! Molly, all your cats are beautiful but Nugget is my favorite. What a cutie….:)

  14. ayyyyeee matey . . . sign me up. My neighbor had a blind dog for years . . . he’d run into walls and just back up . . . was a happy little fella and quite confident. Nugget is amazing

  15. ok molly, i hoep that nugget has a fan page and videos/pics devoted specifically to her faithful followers! is this what you are working on, RIGHT now?!?!?! 😀

  16. Yes, you can sign me up to the Nugget fan club too. She certainly seems to have a following but she’s such a sweetie I’m sure she won’t let it go to her head.
    It was interesting to read in your blog how she deals with her condition, I’ve often wondered. Mind you, having read through the other comments, I think I’m more concerned about Bobin now!

    • LOL! Indeed…. and he doesn’t have the fabulous feline ability to compensate for a lost sense that cats do. I’m assuming he does have whiskers (?), but probably they are inferior 😦

      • I have a mustache – ( and whiskers before I shave)… but nothing in the same class as the felines (I hope). LOL

        However with sight frm one eye, its not the whiskas that count but the ability to use other ‘tricks of the trade’ to judge distance… and to know when your eyesight may be unreliable. I am MOST impressed with Nuggett’s abilities here…. Bobin

      • I must do some research. I *think* that a cat’s whiskers are very sensitive to the atmosphere and so would provide a lot of input for a blind or deaf cat. I’ve been told that a totally blind cat can ‘follow’ your finger if you move it in front of its face as if it were watching the finger. I think this is because the cat can sense the very subtle change in the atmosphere from the movement of your hand. I’ve also read that it’s possible for a cat to actually go blind without its human companions being aware of it — they compensate so well. I don’t know if this is true or not.

      • I can vouch for the idea that an owner, even a great owner, can not notice that her cat has gone blind. This happened to my friend. She finally noticed when her cat started following the walls. Otherwise she jumped up on furniture and acted totally normal.

      • Interesting! An almost first hand report. Well, we all know that cats are pretty amazing.

  17. I think there should be a fan page for EACH cat. In your spare time, of course, Molly! LOL!

    When my older son was still in college, he got his cat, Bono. One day, an idiot roommate decided it would be a cool thing to do if he’d cut off Bono’s whiskers! Zach was horrified when he discovered that. He also couldn’t get roommates to keep doors closed either. That living arrangement (and that roommate) did not last long. As far as Zach can remember, it didn’t seem to affect Bono all that much , fortunately.

    • SO, off I went to Google “function of cat whiskers” … lol… yes, it does bring up information and the most interesting tid bit I picked up is that the Sphynx (the hairless cats) do not have any whiskers.

  18. Really? Now that’s interesting!

  19. The article said that cats that are born blind grow longer and thicker whiskers than sighted cats and they use them to a greater extent. In fact, kittens
    in the womb grow their whiskers before any other hair, and at birth they are fully functional, while the ears and eyes are not.

  20. Sign me up . I just love her. Nugget is a sweet, smart kitty. I just hope that her eye remains constant.

  21. Sign me up. She’s such a good kitty……..and famous as your Pirate Cat….
    She should have had a Fan Club ages ago………… 🙂

  22. Sign me up! Oh, please don’t forget Bruce and Austin! 😀

    • It would be impossible for anyone to forget Austin! He is so incredibly cute! I love all his videos! He is becoming a star in his own right!

    • Will do, Jessie. Oh, tell Bruce I saw the photos of Austin last night AT 5 lbs!! I’ve saved them for possible inclusion in the newsletter. Austin’s fur is SO much like Sahara’s … his coat really looks fabulous in those photos and I love LOVE his raccoon ringed tail … amazing little guy!

  23. popponessetbandit

    I want to be on the Nugget Train, too!

  24. Jennifer Heizer

    Molly, this has got to be an all-time record for comments!! Nugget is one VERY popular kitty 🙂

  25. DizzyCat is a loyal and card holding Nugget fan!

  26. Please sign me up too for Nugget news! She is a sweetie and keeps up with all the others… guess she has to !
    And I love the black fur on the bottom of Austin’s little paws… just like his Mom’s.

  27. I’m a fan of Nugget too, she is so precious. Saw an embroidery file today of a one eye pirate kitty, and thought of Nugget right away. Hugs to Nugget!

  28. Sign me up as a member of the lovely Nugget’s fan club.

  29. Molly, have you heard of a book called Homer’s Odyssey? I just found it at Barnes & Noble today. It’s about a cat that literally was blind from birth, due to a bad eye infection that caused the removal of both eyes. Yet he lived a full and active life with his owner, the author of the book. I haven’t read it yet, but will let you know when I finish it.

    • Thank you Lesley. I know that cats in particular and even dogs can do very well completely blind which is a comfort in case Nugget loses her second eye, which hopefully she won’t!

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