I can see you all now, peeking through your fingers at yet another long post from Molly, wondering “dare I read this one or give it a miss?” What kind of mood is she in today? What is today’s rant? No guarantees, but you might be able to relax THIS time. I’m way over due for a ‘what’s-been-going-on’ post. A few brave souls have asked about upcoming litter news and whatnot. No word yet as to whether they’ve recovered. Alright, I MAY be painting myself a little worse than I need to.

Let me think. What was the last thing I was whining about about? Ad nauseum! Oh, right. Nugget, Sequoia, Simba Kahn and the pee wars! I’ll start there. Many of you have asked about Nugget. She has quite a little following in her own right and I must remind her of that. Perhaps it will help improve her flagging self esteem. I took Nugget to the vet to have her checked … AGAIN … just to be sure (translation here: vet wouldn’t consider treatment without another $200 in tests) that her spraying was not due to a urinary issue. It wasn’t. Boy, am I surprised! lol. In any case, I now have a cat on Prozac! Times sure have changed. I had to have it filled at the regular people pharmacy: Nugget Barr (cat). Prozac actually does show promise in feline anxiety and related spraying. Nugget has been on the drug for a couple of weeks and *seems* to be a bit more confident and relaxed. Not a lot, but a bit, and I have not actually witnessed or seen any evidence of her spraying. So, I’m hopeful.

On a slightly different subject, I’m having Nugget’s teeth cleaned this coming week. She is six and last had them done at three years of age. I HAD arbitrarily decided that every three years for the teeth cleaning was a good idea until I got the estimate which just about gave me a stroke. It’s gone up $300 over what it cost three years ago. I’m officially in protest. I was going to do Sahara this year as well, but now I’m undecided. The cost of this procedure (at least in my area) is simply not within the manageable range of an average pet owner — certainly not if you have more than one pet. I really wish I had an answer to this issue!

No kittens on the horizon. We may be in for another long dry spell with the days growing shorter. Truth be told, only a week or so ago, I couldn’t handle the stressful thought of kittens again any time soon, but I seem to have turned the corner. I’m in no hurry, but I can now envision little baby Sequoia’s around the house. In the meantime I’m getting a huge kick out of her kittenish ways as well as all of the other resident kitties. By and large, they are all doing well at this moment in time.

I’ve been working on Simba Kahn’s wardrobe with the help of JAFO of Granny Nanny’s Hearts and Crafts (she has links over on the right). She is taking my idea for the harness style stud pants and making them into a professionally made product and adding some ideas and touches of her own. Simba Kahn is pretty easy, but I’ve been getting a few inquiries from other breeders so the contraption needs to be adjustable if we decide to make them available for other cats. SO, SK has a growing collection of outfits. The first prototype has hearts on them, so he wore hearts on his butt for a while. The second prototype is a little more manly and has some metal on it in the way of a snap and a “D” ring — my little biker dude. He does NOT appreciate his stylishness, I’m afraid, but once I tackle him and get him into them, he wears them with grace. It may be the time of year, but his marking behavior is way down, so I’m taking my chances at night and most of the day and just harassing him in the evenings when he likes to wander in and out and be a nuisance. It’s almost a pity to have a fully appointed wardrobe and no reason to use it!

Simba Kahn with hearts on his butt

Oh, one more item that might be of interest. I wasn’t sure I was going to be up to doing another calendar this year (for 2011). However yesterday I awoke with ambition and enthusiasm! I have started the 2011 calendar. I already like how it’s developing, so I should think there WILL be another Mythicbells calendar. I hope to include the adults that were left out of the 2010 calendar and of course each kitten from the G and H litters.


19 responses to “News?

  1. Well Molly I’m a Nugget “follower” and we have something in common now. I too have just started on a tranquilizer. Not Prozac, but a generic. I don’t exactly have Nugget’s problem, but in the same ballpark lets say. And yes, it’s helping. It was something I resisted for many years, but in the end I gave in, and I’m glad I did.


  2. It’s good to hear all kitties are doing well. I’ve never fancied SK could have a wardrobe of panties! By the way, the ones with hearts are so cool!

  3. Good for you Lesley! It you suffer from this kind of thing (anxiety/depression) and can’t shake it on your own, there is a lot of help now that just wasn’t available a decade or 2 or 3 ago. This affliction runs rampant in my family and I know it’s not something to be taken lightly.

    Do you take yours with the salmon flavored pill pockets or the chicken? lol. Salmon is the flavor of choice here and a godsend for pilling a cat! Well, most cats. I have to catch Nugget when she’s hungry, when no other cats are around and I have to give it to her on a rough surface so she can get a grip on it or she just slimes it and leaves. The rest of the gang are wild for them.

  4. Rant away, Molly – I love it when you do that! Esp. since I pretty much agree with what you’re ranting about. And what is it with those ridiculously high dental prices? I understand doing it under general anesthesia makes it cost more than getting my own teeth cleaned, but they are making the decision for me of not having it done due to the ridiculous prices. I’ll leave it at that – you and I have discussed this many times and have yet to come to a satisfying conclusion. I was going to have Tiger’s teeth cleaned, but have decided I just can’t afford it at this time.

    • Phoebe & Zoey’s poor teeth will end up falling out at the rate I’m going! I don’t have enough money to take care of myself, so dental is just not feasible! So far, they have not had any problems, but they just turned 7 and they vomit (and coat their teeth in stomach acid) more than the average cat because of IBD so it worries me. I would starve before depriving my girls of their food, quality litter, & their medicine, but cat teeth cleaning is definitely out of reach for me.

  5. Great blog once again Molly, I do enjoy reading the updates on the kitties.
    Do you have the ‘Dragons Den’ show in the USA? If so, you really should go on it with your stud pants ideas. I can just see you and SK demonstrating them to the panel of ‘dragons’. 😀

  6. I understand the teeth cleaning pain! My kitty, Bella, is around 13/14 and the vet wants to clean her teeth yearly – which at $600 to _start_ and more if they find a bad tooth is not something I can reasonably afford. On top of her medications to regulate her immune system irregularities and other problems, it’s crippling.

    I’m a recent addition to your followers after I fell in love with Sirocco on youtube (she reminded me of my other kitty, Bugsy, who had to be left with my mother when I moved across the country). Thank you so much for sharing your adorable loves, they bring so much joy!

    • Welcome to the group, Mouse! WHEW! Obviously I haven’t gotten this teeth thing figured out or I’d be touting my answers to the world, but if you have a cat that’s 13 – 14 years old with health issues, I’d think that anything gained by cleaning her teeth might be lost somewhere else unless for some reason her issues are teeth related (i.e. stomatitis). Putting older kitties ‘under’ can be a strain even if they are in excellent health.

      • I think her teeth might be the most normal thing about her. She can’t eat dry food because she develops crystals – and she can’t eat the dry food made for crystals because it contains chicken and she’s allergic (that’s where the immune system problems come in). So she can only have wet food, and only novel proteins like venison, duck, and rabbit. (and she can’t have dry food versions of these because she develops crystals.. oh the vicious cycles)

        You’d be amazed how many flavors of cat food have chicken in them – ocean fish formula? Chicken. A lot of duck foods have chicken as well – I fed her raw for awhile, but the raw she really loves (from a natural organic group in Oregon) doesn’t come in anything but chicken, lamb, and turkey. She started refusing the venison raw I had been able to get, so now I’m going ot have to try to special order a pheasant raw from another group. She’s a little bit spoiled…

      • oh, yes, chicken is in almost everything! You might try rabbit … you can get raw rabbit not too far from you: (Washington state) I have another supplier in Utah you can email me privately if you want details … so far rabbit is my cats’ favorite in the raw … it only needs a few supplements to round it off since it got the bone and organs ground in.

  7. It has been wonderful following you and your kitties. My girl must have ocd. She just will not stop grooming her belly. She does not have fleas, mange or hot spots. This started after her brother died and I think that she might be bored. I have a collar around her neck and this helps a bit. Any other ideas?

    • Interesting. It does sound stress related because it started with the loss of her brother. I found a small write up on excessive grooming in cats that seemed fairly logical to me in case you haven’t already been looking around the Internet yourself: Your kitty might be a candidate for something like Prozac, if she is doing herself harm and doesn’t come out of this phase on her own.

  8. I’m with everyone else, Molly: rant away! We actually like it…well, I do. As for the rest of what you said: Jack recently had a dental, and I was amazed at the price difference between my previous vet’s office, and my new vet’s office (like $200 difference, new vet being cheaper). It came to about $320 total with no teeth extracted. So the prices you are mentioning seem astronomical! Opossum needs one now, but given his age (13), I’m still debating whether the benefits would outweigh the risks. As for Pill Pockets, soft regular store-bought treats (Purina whisker lickin’) work just as good if you have a tiny pill — you just smoosh the treat around the pill. MUCH cheaper, and they don’t stick to the roof of kitty’s mouth (which Pill Pockets tend to do). Can’t wait to see the calendar! And Simba Kahn’s butt is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

  9. Please subscribe me to the ever growing list of Nugget’s fan-club.

    I think she’s much underated as we don’t see much of her either on live cam or on youtube / blogs.

    She copes amazingly well with only one eye, especially in the difficult areas of jumping on and off objects successfully. (Ive had to stop doing that years ago and NOT just because of MY eyesight!) .

  10. Hmm for whats it’s worth! I thought I would comment before I read beyond the first line. . . . Molly you can rant, rave or whatever! I look forward to smiling, giggling and pouting when I read your posts so much! ❤

  11. Thanks Molly. I think I’ll opt for the salmon flavored pill pockets. 🙂

    “Do you take yours with the salmon flavored pill pockets or the chicken? lol.”

  12. Btw, Molly…you can rant as much as you want! I really look forward to whatever you have to say! : )

  13. Jennifer Heizer

    Yes, I agree with everyone else here Molly! Rant as often and as much as you like. You ALWAYS have sometime worthwhile to say. I admire your ability to express yourself so well, not only through words, but I truly admire your artwork! It takes a passionate person to be able to raise such beautiful creatures, create such amazing art AND be such a GIFTED writer! AND inventor of very stylish “stud” pants!! Thanks for sharing with us Molly 🙂 ♥

  14. Thank you Molly. I appreciate the link. Since my Sweetie can control herself at times, I am pretty sure that she has a stress related problem. The collar does help a lot and I will just go with that for now.

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