Urinary Tract Health … AGAIN!

I got side-tracked again. Here I am. Lap top on bed, Tiny Bear in lap, cats going hungry. I SHOULD BE GETTING UP! One thing led to another while I was sifting through my morning email, and I decided to go to my favorite veterinarian’s website to re-read her section on litter box maintenance. Why? — HUGE debate raging on my feline health forum in regards to the most hygienic management of litter boxes, a subject that pops up periodically and everyone one weighs in on, once again, with the same old news. Long story, longer: favorite veterinarian’s website has a whole new look. I did not make it to the litter box page but got side-tracked by my other soapbox which is feline urinary tract health. I re-read her article on this subject and consider it the most informative and well thought out I’ve come across. Though I’ve read it numerous times, it’s worth a re-read, and it looks like she may have added more to it since my last read through. WELL WORTH YOUR TIME whether or not you currently have any urinary issues with your cats: http://www.catinfo.org/?link=urinarytracthealth

2 responses to “Urinary Tract Health … AGAIN!

  1. Very interesting reading Molly. Mustard and Daisy do have wet food every day, but I also put dry down as well. And always plenty of water inside and outside the house, they do drink lots of water.

  2. Thanks Molly. Even tho I don’t have a cat, I’m always interested in these subjects. My neighbor has a cat, and it does seem to have some urinary problems, so I’ll read the article, and pass on the information to my friend.
    It’s useful to me also, as if I do move from here next year, I shall definitely get a cat. Or maybe two………

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