Okay folks, the last post was not meant to cause you pain! I just put the information out there and you can take it or leave it. That means “we” (the royal ‘we’) do not need — do not want — to hear all of the reasons that your kitties are fine on what you are feeding them. If they are fine, they are fine… don’t worry. Even if they aren’t fine and you are doing your best under the circumstances, then it’s also pointless to worry or go into defense mode. And those circumstances DO include: “hell will freeze over before I give up the convenience of dry food.” No excuses necessary. I understand the “it ain’t going to happen, consequences be-damned defense.” I use it myself.

I will say just one thing. Sorry, I CAN’T resist. The fact that they drink lots of water is not necessarily a good sign. I go into “watch” mode when I see one of my cats drinking a lot of water. It means kidney issues, diabetes, heart conditions … or, yes, I guess they could just be thirsty. It’s rare in cats on an all wet diet to be seen drinking a lot of water. I have water bowls all over the house and out in the enclosure and they are largely wasted. If a cat is drinking a lot of water, it’s *usually* attempting like crazy just to keep up with a diet that is inadequate in moisture, or it has a physical problem.

But just stick with the “it ain’t going to happen, consequences be-damned’ defense and you’ll be fine. Maybe your cat will be too … LORD! I can’t stand myself! I just had to add that didn’t I??? LOL


12 responses to “ABOUT THE PREVIOUS POST …

  1. You wouldn’t be Molly if you didn’t LOL… !!!

  2. I missed it…did you have a lot of negative responses to your last post?

  3. LOL Molly~That is EXACTLY what I would say ! ^5 GF~

  4. It is always good to call attention to a problem our kitties have or may have. Ghost has always eaten dry food and since she is 18 I am not going to put her though a transition but she is eating more canned food (the classic fancy feast that you have recommended), and by eating more of it I hope she eats less dry food. So keep on reminding us of the articles and what has worked for you for the better health for our kitties.

  5. Even though I don’t own (sorry,not owned by!!) a cat at the moment, I always find your thoughts on kitty care interesting and, if it’s causing a debate then that’s no bad thing. A lot of the information on your website has made me re think how I would care for a cat in the future, and if it changes just one persons view then that can only be for the good.

  6. Molly: If I had this advise 6 or 7 years ago, my Colours would possibly still be with me. Don’t EVER

  7. stop with this advise.

  8. It’s my experience to follow the advice of those who have had more experience — both negative and positive — which is why I follow yours.

    Your adoring fan!

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