Wooly Beast Photoshoot …

Gypsy Rose this morning:


12 responses to “Wooly Beast Photoshoot …

  1. That’s my girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can’t stand it… i’m compelled to keep kissing my monitor. What an irresistible furry baby!

  3. What a beauty!

  4. Jennifer Heizer

    She is so goregous and so regal!! Love Gypsy Rose Super Nanny 🙂

  5. Has anyone told Gypsy Rose that its summer now (in the Northern Hemisphere at least, Kiwi) and she can get rid of her winter woolies… BEFORE a new extra thick winter coat appears? Bobin

  6. I love the little white cheeks and chin — so cute!

  7. She is our Sophisticated Beauty – what else is there to say? 😀

  8. She is just the sweetist, beautiful cat around. I just love her.

  9. Tiny Bear should feel very proud to have given birth to such a beauty! I am in awe of Gypsy Rose’s gorgeous fur coat (although I do agree with Bobin that it’s a bit warm for fur in the summer)!

  10. I forgot to mention that I also love the expressions on Gypsy Rose’s face…really makes me wish she could talk so we would know what’s on her mind!

  11. A wooly beauty rather than beast I would say! 😀

  12. Lovely pictures of a sweet kitty. I’ve been studying the photos, trying to determine just how many colors there are in G.R.’s coat. Too many to count, for me anyway. 🙂

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