A little photoshoot with some of the gang today …


15 responses to “A little photoshoot with some of the gang today …

  1. EXCELLENT pictures Molly!! I think you even captured their personalities 🙂 Thanks!!!

  2. What darling pictures Molly. I love them all. Simba Kahn and Sahara have that “wish you wouldn’t keep taking my photo” look that I get when being photographed. But then I never look anything like as good as they do.

  3. Always love to see the crew…….looks like a nice day out there….. : )

  4. And Nugget?

  5. (lets not forget about her?)

  6. Extraordinary photos, Molly…what beautiful kitties!! Kalahari looks so suave and debonair! ;D

  7. i’m with bobin! WHERE IS NUG-GIT!!! 🙂

  8. I like Gypsy Rose’s over the shoulder look. 🙂

  9. Molly…your kitties are as beautiful as always, helped by your amazing photography skills, I’m sure! You really need to work on training these cats to appear on cue when you are taking pictures so you can catch everyone every time (absolutely kidding, of course)!

  10. Beautiful as ever – Great Pics Molly !!!

  11. No Sequoia, either? (She was probably having tea with Nugget.) So sooooo cute pictures of Simba Kahn. He is my favorite baby of your bunch! And Mickey looks more like his mommy every day.

  12. How does Sirocco have such giant eyes? Is that normal for a Persian?

    • Big eyes are a Persian trait and they are bred for that, but Sirocco probably carries it just a bit far? lol. They do worry me a bit in that you can see the cornea actually extends beyond the plain of her face if you see a side view … she could easily scratch the corneas on something, but so far we’ve been lucky.

  13. Just love your pictures. I missed the adult cats while the kitties were growing up. Glad they are back.

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