Gotta couple more cute ones of Sequoia …

SO, WordPress went and changed templates and phased out the one I was using and I haven’t gotten back all of the nifty things I had listed over on the right.  Has anyone figured out a way to subscribe to the blog from this new set up?  I really love it when they try to *improve* things … SIGH! I guess I need to work on figuring this out …

Here’s Sequoia today:


18 responses to “Gotta couple more cute ones of Sequoia …

  1. I sure hate it, too, when they “fix” things! Drives me nuts! As we (way too often) say at work, it ain’t broke but they “fixed” it anyway. Nice pictures, BTW. (Of course you have such a photogenic subject!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful girl she is!! Perfect setting!

  3. What a beautiful little princess. I love her ear “feathers”!

  4. The Jade tree seems to have survived Sequoia – so far…..
    LOVELY pics…. Thanks. Bobin

  5. She is still as cute as when she was a kitten!! Thanks Molly 🙂

  6. Just Beautiful !!! 😀

  7. She’s such a beauty, lovely pictures!
    Wish I could help with the blog. It really annoys me when they mess about with things in the name of ‘progress’. It’s the same when you go into a website you use regularly and suddenly it’s all changed. You won’t ever do that with Mythicbells will you Molly!! 😀

    • LOL Grizabella! I guess you haven’t been around long enough to live through all of the permutations of the Mythicbells website. I’ve rebuilt if several times over the years. I guess I, too, will have to plead guilty of ‘messing’ with stuff …

  8. As all have said.. she is beautiful!! And from her previous videos, she has the sweetest little cry.

  9. Molly, lovely pictures of an adorable, beautiful kitty.

    I did notice the changes last night. I dread that too. My primitive system can’t even watch the vidoes any more. If I lost the WebCam and the blogs I don’t know what I’d do. Actually I do, I’d get of my duff – Bobin knows what that is I’m sure, and take some lessons in computing, so that I could use my Netbook.

  10. Lovely pictures! Thanks, Molly.

  11. Molly – I’m technologically near-illiterate, so if what follows doesn’t make sense – I apologise. I picked up this latest blog via an email alert and, sure enough, there weren’t any links down the right-hand side. However, when I switched to the Blog link on your Mythicbells website, there was this blog – together with the usual links on the right. Does this help/make sense?? It makes my ears bleed just thinking about it!
    Thanks for blogging – and the lovely pics.

    • LOL at the bleeding ears … yes, the blog should work just fine and be accessible. And I’m assuming that everyone who subscribed to it earlier will get their notices, but there is no longer a place for new people to sign up for notification… so I may end up trying yet another template, in which case you all may have to get use to yet another “look” … we’ll see. I’m pretty good at figuring these things out. It’s just irritating and very time consuming.

  12. I love her eyes and her *i know i’m the cutest cat in the world, but i really don’t care what you think* expression.

  13. She is such a beautiful kitty……. : )

  14. Molly…

    Sequoia is just beautiful! As far as your blog troubles, when I get the blog emails, I always click on the title so I can see it through the site and see everyone’s comments. When I did that this time, everything was there on the right, including the place to subscribe. I guess it’s just not going to be on the email version…

    I hope this helps!


  15. Funny…I forgot to click to get notified of follow-up comments while helping you with subscribing! LOL!

  16. Roberta Johnston

    My, what an absolute beauty she is.
    Simply gorgeous!!

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