On the issue of PuppyCats …

It’s seems that I may have misspoke on the PuppyCat issue.  Blithely under the assumption that I reside with the ONLY living PuppyCat, I rested well each night basking in ‘our’ uniqueness.  HA!  I have since learned that there is at least one other PuppyCat among the Mythicbells kitties and quite possibly more.  Elliot!  YES!  Elliot from Simba Kahn and Tiny Bear’s first litter and therefor full brother to MY PuppyCat, Kalahari.  After giving this some thought, I remembered that early reports of PuppyCat tendencies began to filter in even way back then when we learned that S’Arge was actually fetching objects.  Still, I remained oblivious to the possible PC strain in my Persian lines.  I spent another two days deliberating as to whether I should send out an all points bulletin warning all families with Mythicbells cats of the PuppyCat syndrome.  Perhaps, ethically, I should?  I remain undecided.  Tiny Bear is of the opinion that I may actually be the only one or perhaps I should say THE LAST ONE — per usual — to figure this out, and that all families who now have PuppyCats are well aware of this fact.


15 responses to “On the issue of PuppyCats …

  1. Interesting! The puppicat gene at Mythicbells! You know I think my folks had a puppicat before I was born – he was an “only” cat and was not happy when human children started to arrive. When we moved and my younger brother arrived, he returned to the previous house, over and over till the neighbors adopted him. Oscar was a very large orange tabby, medium hair. He thought he was a dog. He liked to fetch and would run out to meet Dad when he got home from work. The only cat my Dad ever liked…

  2. That is interesting. Maybe the puppicat gene is transatlantic too. When I lived in England, we had a cat, a ginger tom called Tiggy. He would wait for my dad on the garden wall, then run down the street to meet him. The neighbors were amazed. They had never seen a cat do that before.

    I don’t think there was any fetching involved tho.

  3. Molly…you seriously crack me up! I really needed it tonight, so thank you! Zoey has always had a touch of “puppycat”-ness. She doesn’t fetch, but will come when I call her and speaks to me often (I know what you’re thinking, Molly, and no…it’s not the drugs! LOL!)! She alerts me to bugs and will lead me to their locations. On occasion, she will also have a back & forth conversation with me, although we suffer from a language barrier. She understands English, but only speaks Cat and I only speak English and can only get the gist, sometimes, of Cat.

  4. I definately had a puppycat a few years back, a male called Thomas – he used to greet me wagging his tail from side to side until he would almost topple over – he had so much character we used to say he should have been a dog :D.

  5. So what are we saying about how we define whom we label a Puppycat?

    One or more of:-
    a) fetches on command (sometimes)?
    b) meets and greets
    c) ??

  6. Jennifer Heizer

    Molly, it is definitely a good thing to have this Puppycat gene!! You get the best of both worlds in a goreous, fun, playful and, at times, mischievous kitty!! And if your other kitties are anything like KF, it makes them even MORE lovable (if that is possible) 😉

  7. I can just imagine SK saying ‘ Well, they certainly don’t get it fom MY side of the family. It must be from their mother’s!’ Lol.

  8. I have a puppycat right now. My Mikki Lee is very expressive and also likes to point things out to me. She will show me the bug, but refuses to do anything about it, leaving the “catching” of it to Henry, the other cat, while she sits back and observes.
    She is also the first one to greet me apon my arrival home, no matter how long I’ve been gone.

  9. Oh My Gosh. . . . Please no one mention using puppycat as a milk name for one of the p litter kittens! I know off topic, but I thought 😮 what a cute name! Hmm I know Wu is a Puppycat he scratches on the bedroom door when he wants out and Alvy scratches on the carpet! hehe

  10. Honey Bear has PC tendencies. She fetched as a kitten and comes when called ~80 percent of the time. She also follows me from room to room. She loves to greet neighbors at the stairs and say hello. Both Honey Bear and Buttercup greet at the door.

  11. I’m afraid I’ve had quite a few puppycats, Mickey being the latest. Most of my children have learned to fetch (with the exception of Jack), and Opossum will even roll over on command (for a treat).

    • Jill…I LOVE how you refer to your cats as your children! I feel exactly the same way!!!!

      • Well, that’s because they are probably the only children I’m going to get to have!

      • They are my only children, too…I’m Auntie Mindy extraordinaire, though, to my niece, Dayna, almost 4, and my nephew, Andrew, almost 6! I’m so lucky because I live very close to my sister, so I get to see them all the time!

  12. I forgot about the tail “wagging” thing – my Mom had a cat for 16 years named Nipper (and yes, he did “nip”, or bite). His tail always wagged – waved from side to side – it wasn’t the normal angry cat thing. He just swished it all the time.

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