Catios, anyone – cat enclosures ….

I haven’t had time to pour over this link, but it has a lot of possibilities for anyone thinking about making enclosures or special cabitats for you kitties:


5 responses to “Catios, anyone – cat enclosures ….

  1. Forget the CONDO !!!! 😦….. but the only thing you need Molly is the Swimming Pool. I think your home is so kittie friendly it is untrue. And perhaps more kitties… 😀 LOL

    Be sure to click on both “gallery” and “contact us” – the latter shows the whole area, which is pretty amazing. This is a local cat sitter business.

    I’m just amazed at all those catios! Wish I could afford to do something like that. Even if I could, there are restriction due to belonging to an HOA – I’m not sure they’d even allow what Molly has in my tiny (18′ x 18′) back “yard”. I know Tiger and Lily would love these!

  3. I creased up at the word ‘cabitats’ – so true… Mollys house is just that…. and still remains human-habitable too


  4. Those are certainly some beautiful areas, and lucky kitties to have them to live in.

    The one thing they don’t have is a Molly to take care of them. 🙂

  5. I wish I could do something like that for my girls, but we’re lucky to have a roof over out heads, let alone a “cabitat”…lol!

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