New stuff, Old stuff, Stuff stuff …

Thank you Little Molly’s Dad and HBBC’s Mom for posting updates… I DO love to hear about them all!  HBBC Mom, now I’m going to have to Google ‘catmint flowers.’  I’m quite sure that my kitties will have to have some!  What an honor that Little Molly is, in fact, named after me.  I’m not even going to attempt to not let it ‘go to my head.’  😀

What do you think folks?  Would I be pushing my luck a bit too far to place a hint — make that a strong hint — for a PHOTO OF LITTLE MOLLY!?  I could ratchet up the pressure a tad and leak that I have a very cute photo of her brother, Lenny, for the newsletter and of course we’ve already all seen her sister, Misha, in videos.  Surely Little Molly is at least as cute has her sis and bro? 😀

But my lips are sealed… I’m not saying another word.  Not one!  On that subject — for now.  What follows is a report on what’s going on with the rest of the crew here at Mythicbells.  We are all returning to a semblance of normal.  The kitties can all pass for normal at this point.  I can’t vouch for myself, of course, and the kitties aren’t talking.  I’m reaching new heights in cat wrangling aka feline management.  I assure you that all is going quite well, though I am dealing with a couple of behavioral issues — mainly with Sequoia and Nugget.  I am NOT taking bets as to how successful I’ll be in solving them.

I’m sure that many of you can identify with how difficult it is for a control freak such as myself to let ‘them’ work it out among themselves.  I have been doing that to some extent.  The fact that I no longer have an all out war on my hands helps a great deal since I’m not worried about bloodshed — only delicate little psyches.  So, when Tiny Bear growls at Sahara and tells her just where to ‘stick it,’ I shrug my shoulders and go on about my business.

Seemingly unaffected by the recent turmoil in the house are my two ‘home-grown’ kitties: Gypsy Rose and Kalahari.  Both are such sweeties and are doing well.  Gypsy Rose will be 5 this year!  She doesn’t play much with the other kitties, but she does love to race around the enclosure.  Of course most of you’ve seen Kalahari racing around.  He is the world’s first and hopefully only ‘PuppyCat’ and quite the character.  Sirocco is the “Goody Monster” — ever hopeful of getting a treat by climbing up on the goody table and looking cute.  She’s been very playful in her own tiny pixie-like way.  Sequoia is much more robust in appearance than her half sister, Sirocco, and loves to race around with Kalahari.  She is still very much the kitten!  But I suspect that she is going to take after her auntie Sahara and be an evil queen when she has kittens, so I’ll be ready for that.  Sahara is also doing well.  She and Tiny Bear both are my resident beauties the yin and the yang of the shaded silver/goldens.  And, lest we forget, Simba Kahn is also well.  He’s giving me a break from the tom cat routine with minimal spraying and also he has accepted his stud pants with fairly good grace which he wears in the evenings so that I can relax a bit when he starts his “rounds.”  I’ve removed his cabana for now and he has free run of the house at night.  In the mornings I enjoy having them all pile on the bed with me.  Nugget sleeps with me as part of her therapy (read below), but she is fine with everyone joining us for our morning get together.  The only two who normally don’t join us are Sirocco and Sahara for reasons they have not yet divulged.

Hmmm I’m getting off track here.   Behavioral issues.  I’m sure all of your ears quivered at that statement.  I’ve been fighting an issue with Nugget since fall of 2007 which was just about the time Simba Kahn matured and a little after his first litter of kittens left for their new home.  I began finding urine in the bathroom sinks.  It took me a few weeks to determine who the culprit was and you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was Nugget.  I immediately had her checked out for medical reasons.  Alas there were none.  I’ve attempted a number of solutions over the 3 years to no avail.  Sometimes it’s worse than others and naturally has become worse this year due to the stressful feline dynamics of late.  When her habit spread from the sinks to other areas of the house I was not a happy camper.  But I will continue to work on it.  I have not yet attempted a medical approach, but in her case that might be a viable option to explore.  It is an accepted practice to put cats on anti-anxiety drugs for this.   I know that it’s nerves with Nugget and she is getting additional harassment from Sirocco and Sequoia.

Then — AND THEN! –when the G and H litters were born I found that little Sequoia was making “mistakes.”  What a nice way to say it…. HA!  I’ve been all over her like a … what do they say?  I don’t know, but I’m sure she feels like someone is following her wherever she goes.  I feel that I might be able to curb her behavior by preventing it often enough and long enough, and I think I’m making progress with her?   I hope.  One additional note on Sequoia is that she is an intact female, so if it’s hormonal, then she’s in the same category as Simba Kahn … in other words … this is perfectly normal!  SIGH!

For any of you who have ever dealt with this kind of thing — don’t you just want to take all of the suggestions and cram them where the sun don’t shine?  The articles make it sound like if you just do this or that, it will work, no problem.  Well, I have a reality check for them.  Some things work sometimes for a while, then they don’t, and you have to just keep on keeping on.  An elevated litter box seemed to work for Nugget for a while and is showing some promise again.  An empty litter box with no litter is another intermittent solution I’m working on.  Aversion using scat mats, tin foil, etc are also useful IF one area is involved… and, of course, clean, clean, clean and more clean!

More litter boxes.  Check!  Clean litter boxes.  Check!  Location variations and stratum variations.  Check!  Reduce stress.  Check!  Feliway collars, spray, and diffusers … HA!  These cost a fortune and you’ll find a puddle of urine right next to them.

So, now that all of you with new Mythicbells kittens are shaking in your boots … NOT TO WORRY!  This is a common problem, but it’s not THAT common given the number of domestic cats now sharing our lives.  In other words, if your cats are spayed/neutered and if you keep your numbers down, and if you mind litter box cleanliness and placement and do not try any drastic change in the cat litter, you should never see a problem.  Nugget is my first that wasn’t related to a health issue in over fifty years of having cats with the first gazillion decades of me being a horrible litter box caretaker.


16 responses to “New stuff, Old stuff, Stuff stuff …

  1. Molly…your blogs are always so entertaining/fascinating to read because of your word choices and how you describe everything! You have even managed to make “peeing in the house” interesting! I hope Nuggett starts to feel better…I’m sure she likes the extra TLC and snuggle time at night! Could she wear something similar to Simba Kahn’s “boxers?” I also hope Sequoia straightens herself out. I wonder why she’s decided to do that…maybe she was jealous because she wasn’t the baby anymore? Who knows!

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Thanks for the GREAT update Molly! If you ever decide to write a book on your life experiences with kitties I would LOVE to read it. You are an amazing writer and ANYONE that has ever had the pleasure of being owned by a loved kitty would be able to idenify with many of your, dare I say, “bumps” in the road with trying to manage a houseful of loving, furry “personalities”. We LOVE them all (even with their little quirks) but it is you that makes them all so lovable!! They are much LOVED and cared for and they know you love them unconditionally. Being a perfectionist myself, I’m sure it can be exasperating at times but they do make it worthwhile when they freely, and sometimes unexpectedly, show you how much you mean to them…Thanks for everything you share with us Molly ♥

  3. Yes Molly;
    Jennifer and Mindy have said it all! Thank you SO much for sharing all your “adventures” with us. I am also a perfectionist, and am learning to let things take their course; to watch my kitties interact with each other more and not to butt in quite so much. They are such remarkable, lovable, beautiful creatures.
    Also, thank you Austin, Misha and Mickey’s Moms for the videos… such smart, loving kittens you all have! I’m so happy they are adjusted and happy in their fur-ever homes
    I cant wait to see little Molly and Lenny’s pics.

  4. i agree with what jennifer (and the others) said! you SHOULD write a book, Molly! i’d buy it! heck, half the time i feel guilty for getting free advice from my favorite VIT (vet in training). i am still chuckling at the thought of SK wearing pants. he must look like a real stud (no pun!)

  5. Thanks to Jennifer, Mindy and Laura for putting it so well. I really admire the level of freedom you give all your kitties, and us humans too, who often who make unreasonable demands on your time and energy.

    You have a tolerance for all our quirks and foibles.
    Thanks, Bobin.

  6. All I can say is, Hang in there, Molly, and give Nugget a pet from me.

  7. As I’m suffering through stress related problems myself, you and Nugget have all my sympathy Molly.

    Thanks for the great update on the kitties and their doings.

    I hope the problem with Sequoia gets solved soon.

    • Sequoia’s record, and I’m whispering this VERY quietly, has been good for several days. Dare I hope??

      I’m very sorry to hear about your stress related problems Lesley!

  8. Thanks Molly. A good stress reliever for me is to visit my neighbor and play with her cat.

    And to watch the Mythicbells family. 🙂

  9. “Cram it where the sun don’t shine.” LOL! I can SO relate! And I only have 2 cats, only one of whom uses unauthorized peeing sites! It’s not as bad as it was at one time, but not as good as I’d like it to be. But I’m trying to go with the flow, so to speak. I’d like to send the bill for the useless products to those who strong-armed me into buying them. Total waste of money with Tiger.You have so many more things going on in your household, with lots more cats! I wish you good luck with this. Just remember not to mention it out loud when you are having success – don’t jinx it!!

  10. Wonderful Blog as always Molly. Your patience never ceases to amaze me – but you can cope we all know that. I am sure all the kitties will settle down soon. Hang in there. 😀

  11. Everyone has said it so well, your blogs are always a joy to read.
    I usually take a look at the kittycam here in the afternoon when it would be early morning/breakfast time with you. Sometimes the nursery is empty and the flower sits there all on its own. I often think, I wonder if the kitties are upstairs with Molly. Now I know! 😀

  12. Well, now there’s no need to explain why there’s a litter box in my living room or puppy pads on the carpeted library floor. Have also been experimenting with different litters – pine was rejected by all of us. If I find a solution to Liki’s unacceptable bathroom etiquette, I’ll be sure to pass it along, Molly. Still love her to pieces tho.

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