Empty Nest Ennui

So, no kittens, no blogging?  Is that the way it works? … and here I thought it was going to be the other way around.  I thought with kittens I’d be too busy to blog.  Instead, I find myself in a state of ‘ennui.’  I DO love that word, but hate the state thereof–much to do and no will to do it.  But it will pass, it always does as I start to look forward to whatever comes next.  However, regardless of ennui shackles, I think I can manage a simple report, right?  RIGHT!

Gobi Bear/Austin left for Texas on Saturday.  I’m told the trip was uneventful and went well.  It must have been fine if they had the energy to make and upload Austin’s first video that very night.  Austin now has his own YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/yf920) and has a growing list of videos already online — and it’s only been 3 days!  The little wretch, by all appearances, isn’t missing us a bit.  Well, in one video he shows some interest in watching a video of us on the computer, but he’s far more interested in his puff ball, making music on the iPod, and enjoying being spoiled in general.  He even got his picture taken at the vet’s today when he went in for his checkup.

So, all the babies have flown the coop and I have truly fabulous reports on all of them, which of course I love to hear.  I know that my little ambassadors of good will and general mayhem have their new families well under control, and are doing their jobs well.  This pleases me greatly.

For those of you who don’t know, they all now have their ‘forever’ names which are as follows:

Goliath = Mickey
Geronimo = Fiero (nickname Fie, pronounce ‘fee’)
Gecko = Kai
Gobi Bear = Austin

Half Pint = Michelle Ma Belle (Misha for short)
Halo = Molly (that’s my first!!)
Hiawatha = Lenny

Report concluded, signing off … O & O


16 responses to “Empty Nest Ennui

  1. Thanks Molly. Good news all round.

    It’s very interesting the names people choose for their kitties. If I ever had a cat, I’d probably call it after my grandma’s cat: Teeno. Apparently I picked the name when I was a small child. A very long time ago!

    As for Lenny, do you think we’ll have a Squiggy from the next litter? That would be fun.

  2. Lovely blog post, Molly. Thanks.

    I had to look up the word ‘ennui’ as although I had heard of it, I had no idea what it meant. Now I know, I can identify totally with it.

    Thanks for the reminder as to who is whom now the litters have changed from ‘milk’ names to forever names.

    That pic of GobiBear-Austin watching your video was beyond marvellous…

    Please keep blogerating to us if you can becase we love it. BUT remember that YOU time must come first.

    Love and thanks, Bobin

  3. Molly, your blogs always put such a smile on my face! Aside from Austin, whose name we already know the reasoning behind, do you know if there are any specific reasons for any of the other kittens’ names? For me, if one of my girls had been a boy, they would have been Lucy & Linus as I am a HUGE Peanuts fanatic, but any of the girls’ names together would not have immediately screamed “Peanuts” (aside from Peppermint Patty, which I didn’t want to use). I have always pictured a “Phoebe” to have red hair for some reason (I think there was a show in the 70s with a red-headed Phoebe), so when I saw the bright orange on my Phoebe it just fit. To be honest, I have no idea how I decided on Zoey…lol! Now, just like with children, I couldn’t imagine my girls with any other names! : )

    • The why’s behind the names? Well, I do know a few or have questimates. Like you said, Austin is obvious. Fiero means fierce, I believe, and is from a play. I might have the play wrong but I think a character in “The Wiz.” I *think* Molly was named after me, but probably more because it’s a cute name for a cute cat – lol. Kai got his name because Kai means ‘ocean’ and he has such huge eyes. Mickey’s mom and grandmom went to Disneyland before picking him up. Not sure about the other two.

  4. Molly…I forgot to mention that today’s blog was also educational as I learned a new word. I had never heard ennui so I had to look it up and I agree completely with Bobin that it fits. I also agree with him about “You”-time! Always remember that before the videos, pictures, & blogs you can’t lose yourself! I also meant to write aside from Austin AND MOLLY when I was asking about names. I would assume Molly the kitten is named for you…the best complement! : )

  5. Bobin !!!! just this second i have the dictionary in front of me and also looked up ennui? a big ‘SNAP’..:D Molly you are never bored and I am sure do not have mental weariness caused by idleness either.
    Love all the names, and so happy that they have fabulous forever homes, and I am sure we will be seeing more of them in the months to come, as Bobin said, and I have said many times, thank you for everything you do, we totally appreciate it. And some ME time is on the cards for you. 😀

  6. I knew what ennui meant………. 🙂

    I love the new names for all of them….they all got very lucky.

    Now we can patiently await the future announcment of the coming of the ” I ” litter. Should have great choices for milk names there….and hopefully lots of time to pick them.

  7. We thought about naming Goliath “Nevada” but decided it didn’t really fit, as much as we wanted to honor Molly and her efforts in some way. We also considered Kodiak, because of Molly’s description of Goliath’s “grizzly bear imitation” (which he has perfected to an art now: he stands on his hind feet, jumps three times in a row, and usually lands right on his new brother’s head!). Other names we considered just didn’t seem to fit, and Mickey had a nice ring to it and was the name our friend’s dog had (he’s departed now after a loooong happy life).

    Lenny and Molly are cute names and very fitting somehow; thanks for letting us know the final name tally! Now I have to wait until we get home from the wilds of northern BC, Canada, before I can view the new Austin videos, or post new vids of Mickey. I swear he’s doubled in size since we took him home!

  8. Love reading the updates, the names, etc. Knowing how much you enjoy followups from the new “parents”, I always send an email with photos once a year to Tiger’s foster mom, from his time at the shelter when he was still too young to be adopted. She really appreciates it. (She’s the one that named Tiger; he was the scaredy cat of the litter and she gave him the name to inspire him to be brave – plus the color and stripes fit the name, too! Lily is named after Tiger – I didn’t like her shelter name, and besides if you have a Tiger, you need a Lily, right? Tiger Lily?

  9. Great blog once again Molly. I was another one who was baffled by the ‘ennui’ word and had to look it up.
    Thanks for all the updates on the kittens with their forever names, I am loving watching the vids of Mickey, Misha and Austin and am grateful to their families for posting them.
    Congratulations on having your first ‘offspring’ named in your honor. You more than deserve it!

    • Ditto what you said about the videos of Mickey, Misha, & Austin! I love watching them, too, and I’m also very grateful to their new families for sharing them with us!

  10. Hey Molly,

    I know Kai means “ocean”…in Japanese, so I am just curious whether his forever parents came from Japan? LOL

    BTW, I think you might want to know that our vet weighed Austin yesterday and he’s 3.2 lb now 😀

    • 3.2 lbs … OMG!! Well, I’m not going to worry about him eating… I’ll bet he burns it up as fast as he eats it. No, as far as I know, Kai’s family has no Japanese connections. 😀 BTW, I got an adorable picture of Austin’s brother, Fiero, and he’s growing fast too… I’ll put it in the newsletter. One of Lenny as well 😀 …

    • Jessie…thank you for all the videos of Austin! I just love them! I don’t have any of Molly’s kitties, but I am a huge fan! I was glued to the KittyCam throughout the entire G & H adventure and I watched every video. I’m glad to see & hear how well he’s doing! : )

  11. hi Molly. Would love some updates on Tiny Bear and Simba Khan and Super Nanny and the rest. . . . Our babies, Honey Bear and Buttercup, are suddenly really into catmint flowers. 🙂

  12. Hi Molly, I too learned a new word, but then again I’ve learned a whole lot from you. For those of you that are curious, our little Molly WAS named after you. It was meant to be the highest compliment we could think of. Little Molly is growing rapidly and she gets along fine with her new sis. I’m sure happy to hear that all the little angels are doing great.

    All The Best,
    Little Molly’s Dad

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