What? No Kudos for Good Mouzzzer?

Mythicbells Press Release:

In recent news:  Namby Pamby Persian cat manages to snag inattentive bird.  “No kudos for this kid,” local reports indicate.  Polls show that the general public sided with the bird who managed to escape unscathed as far as anyone can determine.  Owner of Namby Pamby Persian could not be found for comment, but several close friends speculate that she was unrepentantly, possibly ridiculously proud of the NPP.

Sahara, Huntress at Large


12 responses to “What? No Kudos for Good Mouzzzer?

  1. Sorry, but the bird was just going about his day, when all of a sudden…..boom……didn’t know what hit him. Now he’s back home trying to convince his unbelieving wife that he was abducted by aliens and released.
    How would you like to be in his shoes………

  2. Actually they are very proud of their catch!! and they think they have done well and like to treat you to their catch by bringing them inside the house 😦 ….. dead or alive. Not very nice, but actually it happens, nothing you can do about it, unless you keep all kitties inside the house 24/7.

  3. I heard cats can scare birds to death… true or false, hmm?
    NOT this beautiful Huntress, keep up the good work, birds can be pretty pesky!!!! LOL

  4. video at 11?


  5. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  6. *gulp* human mother of seven felines sides with bird!!!

  7. Kelly Westover

    Major kudos for Sahara the Huntress! It is no easy feat to catch a bird!

    My cats are good mousers, and I often catch kitties eating mice at the horse rescue I help manage. Yes, it’s hard to witness, but it is natural order of things. But having said that, I am guilty of saving a mouse or two in my time. It’s hard for us animal lovers to let nature take its course!

  8. Well, I’m glad the bird managed to escape, but Sahara is a clever kitty to have caught it in the first place. 🙂

    And that is a terrific picture of her Molly, sans bird.

  9. I’m guilty of taking spiders outside and letting them go, so I’m afraid I have to side with the bird this time.

  10. Yes, cats and birds, it’s an ongoing debate, but nature is cruel at times, and we have to accept it.
    I remember many a time when our cats have brought live birds into the house ( via the cat door) and then let them go. Trying to get the poor frightened bird out again was not an easy task.
    At least all ended well for this bird (although I suspect Sahara was feeling a bit peeved).
    I wonder if it went home to its family and sang…
    ‘I tawt I taw a pudey tat a cweepin’ up on me’. 😀

  11. Go Sahara! Hopefully next time she’ll get lunch as well as a good hunt.

    Sorry – I’m no vegetarian, and if it’s OK for me, it’s OK for my cats.

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