It’s Official …

I was just reading over some of the comments under the photos I posted yesterday and I had to laugh.  I just take ’em, you can’t expect me to, like, NOTICE the similarity between father and son!  One person said that Austin was “mini me.” … And so he is!  The resemblance is pretty amazing.  Austin has his mother’s paint job, but his daddy’s face.  Austin goes to his new home on Saturday.

I needed that laugh.  It’s Official.  I AM NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.  Post kitten adoption blues kicked in big time this week.  I think more so this time because handling the trauma and drama of the two litters, the difficult delivery — and on and on — kept me so busy that when it stopped, I looked around and thought “okay NOW what?”

My ears are ringing.  No cat fights other than an occasional skirmish or two in over a week.  Sirocco is enjoying her retirement and I LOVE seeing her as a pet again.  Oh, really BIG NEWS:  Sahara caught a bird!  She’s my outdoorsy girl except when she has babies and has pretty much moved back out into the enclosure and spends most of her time out there.  I was sitting on the couch when she trotted by outside with a bird in her mouth, trailed by several of the others salivating to get in on the game.  Fortunately for the bird and unfortunately for the game, it manage to escape after several bounces and pounces and flew off leaving disappointed kitties staring wistfully at the sky.  A Mythicbells First!


9 responses to “It’s Official …

  1. Oh my…….thank goodness the bird got away !!!

  2. ^10 Sahara, Molly welcome to my world….Remy (the real remy) still has 1 bird up on Winchester! LOL Wu and Alvy none, but I know it’s will be real soon and you will be the first to hear about it!!!! 😀 ❤ O&O

  3. Echo what GM said. Bobin

  4. Awwwwww !!! Molly…… We all love you. Kitties will always be kitties, trying to stalk and catch their prey, it is what they do best, even if we do not like it, its a natural instinct. I have managed to grab a kittie (not saying where) and the bird has flown 😀 many times.
    Molly enjoy some ME !! time as I have said before… we miss the kittens of course, obviously not as much as you will……but we know they have wonderful forever homes. Hope to see more of Mythicbell kittens in the not too distant future. 😀

  5. I thought it was just me when I was looking at the pictures and all of a sudden Austin got big! LOL! I guess everyone else noticed the resemblance, too. That had to be something to see Sahara with a bird in her mouth! The poor bird probably didn’t know what hit him…lol!

  6. Jennifer Heizer

    Yes, I noticed too Mindy!! One of the videos was filming Sequoia and up popped a teenaged Gobi Bear/Austin looking A LOT fluffier/bigger 🙂 Pretty amazing how fast they grow up…

    • Jennifer…I was referring to Simba Kahn. In the last series of pictures Molly had a bunch of Austin then the last few were of Simba Kahn…a larger and older version of Austin.

      • Jennifer Heizer

        Ahhhh…I see Mindy!! Yes, it does look like we got a glimpse into the future 😉

  7. I can fully understand you getting ‘kitten withdrawal symptoms ‘. I miss them and I’m just an onlooker. You have had a very hectic few months, but now things are much quieter at Mythicbells and you can take time to enjoy the older kittys for a while. They are so beautiful, every one of them, even if they do a bit of ‘game hunting’ occasionally. LOL. 😀

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