A few photos

Gobi Bear / Austin & Simba Kahn enjoying the sunny California summer (after the morning fog burns off):


9 responses to “A few photos

  1. Austin’s little face couldn’t be more precious! As always, Simba Kahn is adorable!

  2. LittlePrincessMom

    All of them are just adorable as can be. Very sweet looking. Blessings

  3. Thanks Molly, I needed that. I’m still going through kitten withdrawal!

  4. Like Father – like Son 😀

  5. Jennifer Heizer

    I agree with Maggie!! Gobi Bear/Austin looks like a “mini me” of Simba Kahn and both a just gorgeous!!

  6. Thanks for the photos Molly. The sunshine is showing how much lighter Gobi Bear/Austin’s beautiful coat is now.

  7. Ditto Jennifer and Maggie ! Both are gorgeous.

  8. What a beautiful boy! I love these blog posts, by the way.

  9. So, so cute, both of them!

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