Today, the 4th of July …

One kitten left: Gobi Bear / Austin.  What a gorgeous day for the holiday!  I got a cute video (uploading) and a few pictures as I was outside eating lunch.  Do these kitties (Sahara!!) look like they have any idea what they’ve put me through?!  Any at all?  Is she paying attention?  F O C U S ING?  I think not!  She definitely has that “what’s the big deal, Molly?” look on her little fuzzy face.  “So, a few days ago I wanted to rip everybody’s throats out?  You got your panties in a wad of that?  Silly human!”

See!  What I have to put up with?

(Gobi Bear / Austin & Sahara – remember (Bobin) just click on the thumbnail to see the big picture! 😀 )


12 responses to “Today, the 4th of July …

  1. MANY thanks, Molly
    BOTH for the chat… the georgeous pictures … AND the personalised reminder of how to ‘work’ the pictures.

    ALL much appreciated. TY Bobin

  2. Molly they look so innocent ……..LOL !!! and so they are 😀

  3. Happy Independence Day Molly. It’s far too hot here to do anything inside, so I’ve been watching, and saying goodbye to the kittens since early on. It’s been so much fun, but I hope you get a chance to rest up for a while now.

  4. Oops, that should have been “too hot to do anything but stay inside”.

  5. Cute Gobi/Austin and Sahara pics! Just what I needed!

  6. Adorable pictures! Sahara looks so relaxed…

  7. Jennifer Heizer

    Yes, very cute pictures! Sahara looks so regal and beautiful like she wouldn’t hurt a flea 🙂 With only Gobi Bear/Austin, maybe she will chill out and be less uptight. Thanks so much Molly! Enjoy your day.

  8. Lovely pictures, as always Molly. Your comments about Sahara amused me, I often think cats are saying to themselves ‘ stupid humans’. 😀

  9. Great pics as usual Molly! Sahara is gorgeous; she does look regal- very serene, with that I own this place cat-i-tude!
    You are so aweosme Molly; keep on blogging- even the bad days are so good. You keep things in perspective in the long run. So you complain sometimes??? — who doesn’t. We all need to vent; with that many cats and kittens, as sweet and gorgeous as they look, it must be an insane assylum some days.
    I’ve really learned a lot from you; I’m very interested now in changing my cat’s diets to pure meat. I noticed a link to Feline Pride.. is that your recommended choice?
    Thanks again for all you do; your babies have turned out so wonderfully- I know you must be proud.

    • Thanks Laura!! As I was sitting in bed this morning, covered in cats who where becoming increasingly restless for me to get up and FEED THEM, I thought to myself: “should I put these guys on dry and have done with it?” LOL! I do have my weak moments. Ultimately, I decided to just get up and feed them and now they are all laying around like boa constrictors digesting a cow, and we once again have peace of sorts. I have had such good luck with this diet re-think, but my guys are all still very young, so only time will tell. I truly hope to never see IBD again, nor urinary/kidney issues, nor diabetes, etc. etc. As for your question … yes Feline Pride is a great product and they will ship it to you. I don’t know where you are located, but they have suppliers in various areas. I did that once to try them out. They are very pricey and I ultimately decided that for the commercial raw I would go with Rad Cat ( which I buy at Pet Food Express which is more convenient. It’s excellent food and basically the same formula as Feline Pride. It’s pricey too, but not quite as $$ … also you can get it in different size containers. PetFoodExpress has a buy 3 get 4th free policy which makes it more affordable. If they don’t have 4 of what you want they will still give you the 25% discount. I’ve been sticking with the chicken and turkey flavors, but I think they also have lamb.

  10. Thank you so much for the info Molly! I checked out Radfood, and while they were not as expensive, shipping pushed their prices over the top! I live in Georgia, and not near the coast where the closest store is in St. Augustine. As much as I would LOVE to force myself to drive down there….. it’s not possible for right now. So Feline Pride it is!

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