Launching Kittens

SIGH!  Well, it’s that time again.  I’m amused, fascinated — appalled?  As I watch comments go by on KittyCam.  Yes, I admit it.  I DO lurk.  It’s not purposeful, mind you, but since I’m logged in 24/7, I will often glance at the screen as I rush by, kitten in hand, wet rag dangling from mouth, or pushing the broom.  And I see people saying  “oh, they are so cute!  I can’t wait until they are toddling out of the nest.” or “wait ’til they get out of the corral, it’s SO much fun.” or “won’t it be fun when they are racing around the nursery.”   And before I know it, the comments are “where are all the kittens? they’re never n the nursery any more, I’m so disappointed.”  And before any of us can even take a breath, the babies are off to their new homes and the nursery is eerily quiet, once again.  Well as quiet as it can get with Kalahari thundering around.

I haven’t written in a while.  Partially due to being busy.  I plead disorganization in that my mind is zinging off in about a gazillion directions.  I’d like to write about the whole stud pants issue — you may have seen that video.  There’s much more to write on that score.  Oh, and mixed MIXED feelings at adoption time, as you can imagine.  This has, without a doubt, been the craziest kitten season for me with the most kittens and the most adopting parents to deal with.  As I write this, I’ve launched 3 kittens in the last 2 days and 2 last weekend.  One more goes this morning.  I haven’t gotten reports on a couple, but the reports I have gotten are so heart warming that it just makes all of this work SO worth it.  Two new Mythicbells kitties now have YouTube channels!  How exciting is that!! for Misha (formerly Half Pint) – and huge congratulations to Misha’s mom because I know it was no mean feat for her to get this figured out.  She already has two grown Mythicbells kitties from 2007, so now maybe we’ll be seeing more of them as well.

and for Mickey (formerly Goliath)

AND, for those of you who don’t know:   S’Arge and Blizzard have one and also Flash: and

So, it’s a bittersweet time.  I’ve put myself “out there’ and now must suffer the consequences.  With KittyCam, YouTube, a BLOG, and a website, I get a lot of comments and questions and I have to remind myself that people are curious and honestly don’t really understand what it take to bring you all these perfect little kittens and I’ve taken it upon myself to ED U CATE!  This means that I do try to answer most reasonable questions, time permitting.  Yes, I’m sad when the kittens leave, but I cannot allow myself to dwell on it!  Fortunately my kittens are spoken for at a young age and as I’m raising them I’m thinking this little one is being raised for this family or that family, etc.  And I KNOW that their bread and butter and the quality of their life depends on — let’s face it — their being cute and irresistible.  That’s my goal.  Yes, I do get attached, but I have something else I’m aiming for which takes my mind off that.  And the reality of keeping them all??  Well, folks, just think about that for a moment.  In fact, let’s just do that!  All of those in favor of me hanging up my breeding spurs and retiring, raise your hands.  All opposed?  Okay those who have raised your hands can be ‘sad’ or ‘disappointed’ or ‘pee-ohed’ every time I pack a little kitten’s bag and send him or her out into the world or if I put an adult up for adoption.  The rest — MUZZLE IT!

Hmmm … that may have been a little harsh.  I DO understand.  Yes, I do.   I was once young and foolish.  Now I’m old and foolisher.  (It’s my blog, so I can make up words, but I see that the spell checker didn’t flag it?)  And I remember one day when I was young and VERY hungry for a job with a major airline, having lunch with a (OMG!) “real” United Airline Pilot.  He was was rambling on about how it was ‘only a job.’  ONLY A JOB???  How could that be?  So, I do ‘get’ the angst you all feel for each kitten that leaves, and I love you all for it.  You’ve gotten to know my permanent kitties BY NAME and you love them all.  How wonderful is that?!!  And, basically I love all of this too, so don’t let me fool you when I bitch and complain.  There is always two sides to every blessing.  In my case it’s usually the good and the gooder.  (another new word)

Oh, next subject … how are the permanent troops doing now that things are winding down.  We are having the occasional skirmish, but the queens are making their way back to sanity … more or less.  Sirocco, I think is going to miss her babies for a little while, but it’s such a joy to see her starting to play and act like a kitten again.  I’ve been trying to spend more time play with her and she’s back to licking the leavings from my evening raspberry turnovers.  It’s going to be fun to have just the eight.  Did I say that?  JUST EIGHT?!  Although I will have Gobi Bear / Austin for another 2 weeks or so, he’ll just be one of the gang.  I’m teaching him to fetch.

I have a few home improvement things happening soon … well, one biggy … new windows on the 15th, so there will be plenty to keep me busy… and I have a lot to catch up with.  The “G” and “H” litter effectively, completely, and TOTALLY distracted me for several months, so I have a huge backlog of “STUFF.”

Lord!  I feel so scattered … this post is likely all over the map, but hopefully you will be able to sort it out.  As always, this is Molly, coming to you from her laptop in bed with kitties everywhere when she should be downstairs FEEDING THEM….and I have one more adoption to get ready for this morning.



19 responses to “Launching Kittens

  1. 😀 As I have said many times Molly !!! you amaze me – and you always will, your a very talented Lady in whatever you seem to do. I do know the best for me is your breeding of Mythicbell Persians – we have had so much fun (perhaps not you always – lol – with the raging queens )…..We all know that the kittens have gone to very loving forever homes – you wouldn’t let them go otherwise, I know that. Try and have some ME !!! time for a while and enjoy your family of wonderful kitties until hopefully we may see Sequoia’s litter of tiny paws in the not too distant future.
    Thank you again for everything that you have done for us all (even putting up with us)….have a great day Molly !!!

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Molly, you are incredible!! I really don’t know how you accomplish everything you do and do it so well!!! Kittens/cats, photos, writing, videos, kittycams AND all the other stuff you have to take care that “we” never see. I don’t want to see you hang up your breeding spurs just yet :o) I feel so lucky to have found you and Mythicbells (thanks to Grooming Sequoia) and its amazing to me what joy it brings me to be able to watch and enjoy (without all the hard work involved) your kittens and cats. I love them all and I know you’ve made sure those adorable kittens are in loving forever homes making their new familys’ lives sooo much brighter. How could they not?!?! Thanks for everything Molly! Happy 4th :o)

  3. Muzzle it, you say…….LOL not me!
    I Say Ditto Maggs, and add that since I am FMKM I selfishly, think that everyone SHOULD have a Molly kitty in their life, as they are (Exceedingly) an extension of you!
    Lastly as I seek shelter….hehe, what will you do when all your home repairs & improvements are done.
    Happy 4th of July!!!!
    ♥ Remy O&O

  4. First of all Molly, just to say ‘happy 4th July’ to you and to echo everything Maggie has said.
    I am so grateful that you have shared the past few months of kitten raising with us. I have watched from their first hours of birth right up to their adoptions. I have been concerned during those early days, particularly for Sirocco and Hiawatha. I have read all your wonderful blogs and I have laughed, sometimes with tears streaming down my face at all the kitten antics in the nursery.
    It is sad to see them go, but every one of those little kittens has had the best start in life and I feel so privileged to have been allowed to follow their progress.

  5. Molly,
    I certainly (selfishly) DON’T think you should hang up your ‘adopted boots’ (or whatever you said) and I agree wholeheartedly with ALL the praise and admiration heretofor expressed.

    Its also so lovely that we are starting to get a stream of videos from new parents. Perhaps ‘older’ parents might also grace us with a few more viseos, as we are tirellessly (tiresomely) interested in former adoptees also, and their families?

    Happy 4th July to you Molly, (whether lurking or not), ALL your kitties (past, present and future) and to everyone at kitticam, particularly those in the USA of course!


  6. Molly,
    Thank you so much for letting us share in the fun(without the work) of raising your beautiful kittens. They were each and everyone a treasure. I loved every second. Happy 4th to you!!!

  7. Molly… you have provided such joy and love around the world.

    I can’t say enough about how much i love ya.

    Molly Plus 8– much more civilized than the show from which i’m referring. Of course, the gleeming times when there are 4 or 7 more, is always a treat.

    Happy Independence Day… kind of timely, in a way.


  8. Molly…

    You know how I feel about you and your kitty family! You are probably more responsible for my sanity than my antidepressant and pain meds…lol! How anyone can express displeasure or disappointment because the kittens are growing up is beyond me! First, you don’t have to do any of this, you choose to and your true friends are so grateful, especially knowing the extra work it entails! If we happen to catch kitties on the cam, it’s wonderful! But they are not paid actors. We want them to be outside having fun or in the living room scaling their cat trees! You certainly have provided us with enough videos to turn to during those times when no kitties are in front of the cam. Anyway, I think I’ve lost track of exactly what I’m trying to say…thank you very much %$&# pain medication! LOL! Btw…it’s hysterically ironic that Google has plunked an ad for “Healthy and Natural” Eukanuba kitten food right between your blog and the comments!


    • OMG! Eukanuba … that’s funny … there was another really inappropriate ad triggered by one of my titlse on YouTube, I think. I can’t remember what it was … speaking of not remember … sigh. Don’t get me started on the all the ads now popping up all over the Internet … it’s going to implode at some point then they’ll be sorry!

  9. My guess on FMKM is ‘FormerMythicKittyMom’
    but am happy to be more creative if needed…

    • Bobin, I ALWAYS think “Former” but that never makes sense … and I can never remember what that first “F” is for until I beat my head against the wall a few times …. :d

  10. Molly, we are so grateful for everything you do, and for the wonderful start in life our new baby received in your home under your expert care. All the baby pictures from birth, all the videos, and the hours and hours you devoted to caring for our little boy (and his siblings, mommies, daddy, aunties, etc.), all of it means a great deal to me and my mother. Mickey is a joy, and this is due to your efforts and your judgment. So THANK YOU! Please know your baby will be spoiled and adored by us for many, many years to come! I hope you have a great holiday weekend, and that you finally get some time to breathe and not worry and just enjoy your kitties without stress for a while. My mother and I totally support EVERYTHING you do! THANK YOU!!!!! (Now, off to see why it’s so quiet in the other room. You know how it’s always a bad sign when baby is being quiet!)

  11. As everyone else has said Molly thanks for the great time with the G and H litter. I know it has been most stressful for you but know that you had many good thoughts sent your way at thoses times. We appreciate all you do for us with the videos, blog and kittycam. We are all royally spoiled. We will look forward to Sequoia’s litter when ever that happens. Meanwhile enjoy your time … you most certainly deserve it. Again thank you for everything.

  12. Dear Molly, this blog is a “trip”! You have done a wonderful job! 🙂

  13. and now for something off topic…. I really like my litle purple alien icon.


  14. I’ve had a wonderful time watching all the videos you’ve so kindly taken to share with so many! Thank you for all the information you’ve shared. I hope someday to share a video with you as a parent in a future home for one of your very special kittens.

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