Here they all are!

From top to bottom: Goliath, Geronimo/Fiero, Gobi Bear/Austin, Gecko/Kai, Half Pint/Misha, Halo, Hiawatha:


11 responses to “Here they all are!

  1. LittlePrincessMom

    Oh how adorable, Molly. I just love seeing the kitties altogether. I sure do miss not being able to see them. But wait until next time, I will be there. Blessings to all of them in their new homes.

  2. What a wonderful picture Molly….

    Who needs ‘action pictures’ when there is contentedness like thia?


  3. did you set that photo up? or did they all line up like that on their own?

    • They just do that on their own … well, most of the time … lol… I actually had settled on a picture of just six of them when Austin arrived and snuggled in with the rest to complete the set.

  4. i just saw the video and answered my own question. looks like they just ended up that way. pretty cool.

  5. That is just precious! I would say it could be a definite contender for 2011’s calendar!

  6. Is that sweet baby Halo, looking up? What an adorable photo. Great shot Molly!

  7. Great Picture!! What an amazing G and H litter!!

  8. I was hoping you’d be able to get a picture of them all together like this. So, so adorable, but being a little kitten at Mythicbells is obviously very tiring work! lol!

  9. Agree – one of rthe best pics and worthy for 2011 calendar cover even!

    Pity kitties are leaving so soon – with a spot more of the rigorous training you provide, I’m sure you could be getting them to all lie facing the same way!

  10. What an amazing photo! I don’t know how you got them to line up like this! Soooo beautiful.

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