The promised gallery from the past few days …

*HINT* – click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture, then below that picture you can ‘thumb’ through the large photos by clicking on the thumbnails below … left goes back, and right goes forward.  The file name above each large picture includes the kitten’s ‘milk’ name.

FOREVER NAMES:  Gecko = Kai; Geronimo = Fiero; Gobi Bear = Austin; Half Pint = Misha


11 responses to “The promised gallery from the past few days …

  1. Molly
    These are all quite gorgeous, (as we have by now come to expect) BUT how can you expect US to put names to the kittie’s pictures when even you sometimes falter?

    Or should we just call out names on a random basis and see who answers to them?

  2. Ive JUST discovered that by clicking each photo * they E N L A R G E and…
    * they give the individual kitty’s names too!

    So I take back EVERYTHING I said – except about the photos being gorgeous of course!


    • LOL, Bobin, and I had a very condescending response all formed in my mind, too. But I do apologize for not making this more clear. Ideally I would like to have the kittens name under each photo, but when I do the mass upload like this I haven’t figured out how to do it, IF it’s possible and we will have to eek out the names from my file naming convention. I also apologize to the new kittens’ families. Although I do now *think* of and call the kittens by their ‘forever’ names, I need to keep the file name convention going so I can find all the “G”s in one place, etc, etc …. on my hard drive.

      Let’s see, I think that’s all I have to apologize for today … lol. I’m not really apologizing… merely explaining. … oops! Sahara just went on the war path with KF out in the enclosure … SIGH! And she was doing so well … I think it’s “somebodies nap time!”

  3. All of those pictures are gorgeous, Molly! You are so talented…of course, I’m sure it helps when you have such beauty to work with!

  4. Gorgeous pics and gorgeous kittens ads well. My favourite ones are Hiawata’s,this time.

  5. Trust Bobin !!!! 😀 adorable pics as always, will miss all the little ones running around. But!!!! until the next time – more kittens we hope in the future.
    Good Luck to G and H litter I am sure they will all be spoilt to pieces at their forever homes.

  6. Omg just roocte for words. Looking at our site is the first thing that I do in the am. Thank you for sharing.

  7. sorry my kitty is helping me type…it is too cute for words

  8. Such lovely photos, and the one with Goliath laying looking up is saying ‘ Am I not the most adorable creature you’ve ever seen?’ 😀

  9. Hi Molly. They are all so gorgeous. They think that they are wild! Sequoia is looking beautifully bushy. That tail! That coloring! Made my day. (Mom of HBBC Mom)

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