Update? Maybe not much … but PHOTOS!!

I’ve been wanting to find time for one of my long diatribe, newsy updates … but just haven’t had the time. All is going well. I’m still playing ‘musical queens.’ After a brief period of freedom, Sahara was incarcerated again to keep the peace, but I’ve let her out today unchaperoned with the plan of just letting the ____ fall where it may. So far it’s been quiet. The kittens had a nice romp outdoors until I got paranoid trying to count noses and brought them all in. The “H” litter has their vet visit on Monday. The “G” litter begins leaving for their new homes next weekend! OMG! How the time has flown… and the “H” litter starts flying the coop the week after (the holiday weekend, 7/4).

I’ve been collecting pictures as I download videos and this is what I have since the last gallery on 6/15 — for better or worse. If YOUR kitten isn’t represented, I apologize and will try to catch him or her in the next batch:


10 responses to “Update? Maybe not much … but PHOTOS!!

  1. Well, phooey!! I have duplicates in the gallery and can’t figure out how to remove them…. I’m sure “we” won’t mind looking at them twice … sigh!

  2. ‘Musical Queens’…. LOL !!! (I Want to Break Free!!)….
    Beautiful pics…. unfortunately, my kittie was not represented 😦 … if only you were nearer.
    Wonderful as always.

  3. I agree with Maggie (for once), Bobin

  4. They are all beautiful but my favourite is Half Pint. I love her photo and her lovely eyes.

  5. Molly…you are such a talented writer and photographer! I loved all the shots of the little ones and I absolutely went nuts over the one of Sequoia sort of hidden in the bushes! What an amazing shot! I can’t believe the G litter is leaving already! I will miss their cute faces SO much, but I’m sure their new families are so excited to finally take them home! To all who are taking home a G or H kitten, I SO envy you…enjoy them!

  6. Darling pictures, Molly, especially of Half Pint/Misha. And Sequoia is a riot, peeking out from the behind the bushes! Time seems to have gone by sooooo fast, and I can’t believe it’s almost time for the babies to leave. I’m going to miss seeing all Goliath’s cute little brothers and sisters — I wish I could take all of them home!

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