Odds and Ends

I just downloaded the camera and found a few nice pictures to share. Simba Kahn in the jungle and a mother and son of Tiny Bear and Kalahari Falcon (mother in front, son behind).

On the kitten front: Sahara has been so good today I’m getting nervous. In fact she is at large as we speak UNMONITORED! I even allowed her outside UNMONITORED. No bloodshed so far. I considered giving the kittens an outing in the enclosure but thought that would be pushing it a bit too far and it’s more important for Sahara to get out and return to normal than for the kittens to be mud-muffins today. Maybe tomorrow … AFTER I show off the “G” litter at the vet in the morning. Consequently I was able to keep the bathroom door open and allow the kittens to come and go from the nursery to the living room at will. Many of them ate with the big cats this evening.

6 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. I love the Simba Kahn shots, especially the 2nd one, but that shot of Tiny Bear and Kalahari is absolutely fantastic!!!! I think it’s a shot worth considering for your calendar!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! You have the prettiest kitties, I swear, Molly, and the talent to show them off in great photos! I think this is the best shot of both Kalahari and of Tiny Bear that I’ve seen yet.

  3. Lovely pics – thanks Molly
    (now Nugget? GR? )

  4. i’m with the others – LOVE these – but if i must be so bold, Nuggit (i know i spelled it wrong) and GR always hold a place in my heart….can we make requests? 🙂
    also, how many of your faithful followers can tell which is Kalahari and which is TB in that pic since i know i can’t!

  5. duh..i hate myself. in my haste i just looked at the pics first, commented, then went back to read. duh. oops!! BUT, if molly did NOT say who was who, i bet there would be people who knew!!!

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