Kittens in their finery …

A few posts back, mention was made of the photo of Simba Kahn in his little T-shirt. Well here it is. Poor little guy. He WAS cute, though. He’s about 14 weeks old in the photo. I used it as a model when Messi Boo’s dad asked me to fashion Messi’s (the Argentinian soccer player) jersey onto a photo of Messi in honor of the recent Worldcup games — first photo. He looks a lot like his dad!! Messi Boo was from the “E” Litter.

Messi Boo in Argentinian Soccer player, Messi's, jersey

Simba Kahn as a 'yute'


8 responses to “Kittens in their finery …

  1. MOLLY! i love the tshirt pics! you DID hear me after all 😉 i think the tshirt pic of SK is one of my very favorites!

  2. Hi Molly, the t-shirt is cute. Actually I was thinking the kittens in today’s”Birthday Romp” video were having a “Mythicbells World Cup” too! LOL

  3. Wonderful set of videos today esp the kitties romp one. Many thanks

    I know e should concentrate on kitties whilst they are still making mythic-magic (I know – mythic mayhem too) but can we also have pics and esp videos of existing ‘adult’ residents?

    Many thanks, Bobin

  4. Bobin, you DID see the video of Sequoia squishing herself under the hutch, right? You probably just forgot to mention that one …of course we have guest appearances from time to time of the big kitties … oh, yes, you did notice Wooly Mammoth in two of the recent vids – she’s hard to miss. Don’t worry, when the kittens are gone who else will I have to make videos of ad-nauseum! 😀

  5. OMG! The Sequoia vid. didn’t upload … I must go see what happened….

  6. Well, it says it’s uploaded and will be online soon … we’ll see …

  7. Messi Boo and baby Simba Kahn couldn’t be more adorable in their t-shirts!!!

  8. OMG!!! That is wonderful – all they need now is their Soccer boots LOL!!!

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