Sahara went for a walk today …

She looks good in red, don’tcha think?  A matching video is uploading to YouTube.  She still can’t be trusted not to go into attack mode, but was clearly in need of a little outing:


9 responses to “Sahara went for a walk today …

  1. She does look good in red. lol

  2. That color does look good on her Molly. She seemed happy to get outside too in the video.

  3. In the video she looks happy and irritated all at the same time, and of course very, VERY pretty as usual! Red definitely suits her.

  4. Saraha is a very pretty girl whether she is wearing red or seeing red! : )

  5. *Sings* “Laaady in reeeed! This beauty by your siii-de! Never foorget, um, the way the lyrics went?”

  6. Sahara would look beautiful in any colour. the ‘drama queen’ was certainly enjoying her outing in the sunshine. 😀

  7. She is soooo beautiful any color is purrfect on her.

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