Playing it by ear, and pressing onward …

As to be expected, I modified yesterday’s agenda just a tad.  Mainly in deference to my nerves.  Kitten-queen separation is working well for the kittens.  They LOVE racing about, and exploration of the enclosure is intensely enjoyed by all.  An added bonus: Sequoia is absolutely enamored with the little beasts and follows them everywhere — and Kalahari enjoys them as well.  All of the others seem to be taking them in stride now that they are out and about.  I have to admit that I’m very much enjoying the older kittens’ (Sequoia & Kalahari) interaction with the babies.  What fun!

The constant whining from Sirocco and Sahara when their babies are out exploring the world wears a little thin.  I’ve patiently, and not so patiently, explained to them in laborious detail that the babies need to learn the ropes in order to be confident little kitties in their new homes, but both queens have dialed their ears shut and refuse to listen.  Tiny Bear, much older and wiser, would have been in the enclosure with the kittens, teaching them everything thing they need to know for the future — with only the occasional psychotic episode — but ‘we’ mustn’t look back!  In any case, I’ve been bringing the kittens back to their mothers when they start dropping into little exhausted fluff piles.  In truth, it’s a bit easier on me as well not to have them peppered all over the couch, the carpet and whatnot while I go about my day, and to know that they are safely ensconced in the nurseries.


4 responses to “Playing it by ear, and pressing onward …

  1. Kittens peppered about…little exhausted fluff piles…you crack me up, Molly! Great writing!

  2. As always Molly, your description of the goings-on at your house is an absolute delight! I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

  3. Jennifer Heizer

    So much fun to watch Sequoia with the kittens!!!! Thanks Molly 🙂

  4. Sounds like a good game plan to me Molly. I love watching the interaction between Kalahari, Sequoia and the kittens too…….. preparing Sequoia for motherhood perhaps. 😀

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