The QW’s (Queen Witches) are in full sail this morning, though not quite as bad as last night.  I’ve taken the drastic step of separating them from each other AND from the kittens.  The kittens have run of the rest of the house, and the QW’s have the two nurseries.  Poor me, I get the babies to play with in the living area and the enclosure all day.  They need the new experiences and independence at this age.  If I could only convince the QW’s!  OH WELL!  The babies will all be moved back to the nurseries late this afternoon after they’ve worn themselves out.  Those of you watching the Kitty Cams are not going to see much on Cam 1.  Maybe not on Cam 2 either depending on how fast the kitlets are dashing about,  but I have moved Cam 2 in the outer realms.  I may leave it there rather than schlep it back and forth.

Okay, the point of this post … today’s weights!  I did have the sound on, but *shrug* … the camera took a dive just as I was getting started:

The entire “H” litter is the same as yesterday… I don’t suppose you have those weights?  No, I’m sure I’ll get at least one email if I don’t post them: HP = 1.20; Halo = 1.45, Hiawatha = 1.60

“G” Litter: Gecko = 1.45; Goliath = 1.95; Geronimo = 1.80; Gobi Bear = 1.85


7 responses to “Frazzled!

  1. Have a good time playing with the babies today, Molly! You deserve it! : )

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    So Sequoia and KF get to play with the kittens all afternoon!! What fun 🙂

  3. OOOO what a delemma Molly…

  4. Isn’t life grand LOL !!! I love that phrase, ‘Little Hatchlings’….they sure are super duper fast.:D

  5. All I can add is this: I hope Sahara gets over this snit when the “kitlets” have gone to their new homes. Reading about your QWs, I get tensed up and anxious, even though I’m not there with you. I positively hate it when my boys don’t get along, and nothing makes me happier than when they are sitting side by side, Opossum licking Jack’s head. I know the stress, Molly, so I hope things calm down REAL SOON.

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