Over due update …

I think I’m way over due for a newsy, typically wordy, possibly obnoxious update on Mythicbells and the continuing kitty dramas.   You can all unclench your teeth.  It’s pretty boring this week.  Dare I say that all is going pretty darn well??  Is it possible that I am actually LEARNING THE PROGRAM AROUND HERE??

Musical queens continues and I manage to give them as much freedom as I can and as much as they want (most of the time), but still avert disaster when events conspire to make for dicey situations.  This last, usually in the form of Kalahari outside the nursery doors.  For some reason Sirocco and Sahara view him as a threat so it’s only logical that they should react by attempting to de-fur each other, right?  So, on Kitty Cam you will often see them co-mothering together then one will mysteriously disappear for a while.  At night I keep them separate.  One gets the large nursery and the other the small bathroom nursery.  Lately it’s been Sahara in the bathroom and Sirocco ruling stately from the flower top in the nursery.  The kittens can flow to either room through the kitten hole.  last night it was so cute when I checked on Sahara just before bed and found SIX of the seven kitten in the bathroom with her.  What a crowd!

Speaking of Kalahari.  He’d doing great.  It’s been one week since his neuter surgery.  He hasn’t slowed down a bit and still thinks like a puppy.  He and Sequoia both play with the kittens now and it’s very cute.  Nugget is doing better and coming downstairs more often and also going out into the enclosure.

With Kalahari’s neuter, the future of Mythicbells rests in the tiny paws of Simba Kahn.  I’m sure he’s up to the task.  I was bemoaning his limited genetic powers for a short time, then FER CHRISSAKES looked at the seven kittens under foot.  I’m an idiot, let’s face it.  I also snapped the photos you saw in the previous post and realized once again what a splendid looking little fellow he is.  With SK and two queens, Mythicbells should be good for a few more years?  Who knows.  It depends on whether or not I can handle the stress.  Simba Kahn spends most of his nights in his cabana with access to the enclosure and is more or less okay with that.  The rest of the time he is ‘at large’ wherever he wants to be.  At the moment, he’s lying on my bed with is chin on the mouse, getting in the way of progress.  Kalahari and Tiny Bear are at the foot of the bed.  Gypsy Rose and Nugget are lying on the floor near-by.  Sequoia was here for a while  earlier and even allowed me to shave more of her naturally curly tummy, but is now probably downstairs waiting for food … which means I’d better wind this up and get everyone fed soon if I want to survive the day.

The kittens are thriving and unbelievably cute, each and every one.  I’m always amazed at how much food they can go through at this age.  They are all over the house now as much as I can allow them.  The situation with the queens is a logistical problem in allowing kittens access to the living area.  When the queens are doing nicely together, I can leave the bathroom door open and the kittens pop in and out through the kitten hole at will, callously deserting their doting mothers for the wonders of the outside world. Yesterday I put on their little collars with bells to jingle and the first went out into the enclosure for a while.  Not all have been out yet, but over the next week when I have the time to monitor them, they will get more outings.  Little Gecko/Kai was the first out and he was absolutely fearless.  They are so interested in every new sight and smell and positively quiver with excitement at each new discovery.  Vet visits are scheduled for the “G” litter next Monday and for the “H” litter the Monday after that.  Adoptions will begin the last weekend in June for the “G” litter and the first week end in July for the “H” litter.  Time is running short.  It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure!  I can hardly believe the time has flown by so very fast.  It always does


12 responses to “Over due update …

  1. 😀 Did you lie awake all night writing this very interesting update?
    I think your family of kitties are amazing as always – I watched 2 kittens playing for ages after you went to bed last night – my early morning.
    S.K. Is a handsome guy and I am sure will produce lots more kittens in the future 😀
    We will all miss these little kittens – (none more than you Molly I am sure ) ..but know that they will have a wonderful life in their new forever homes when they leave in a few weeks.
    Look forward to seeing them venture outside soon – and thank you once again for your continuous updates and wonderful videos that you produce over the weeks.

  2. Great post once again Molly! “Musical queens” made me laugh out loud! The kittens are impossibly cute and seem so smart, healthy and happy! Pat yourself on the back for a tough job well done (oh yes, I can give out back-patting permissions now!).

    with ❤ da moose

  3. Jennifer Heizer

    Yes, the time as just flown by and just thinking about the kittens not being there makes me a little sad. Thanks sooo much Molly for sharing this absoultely wonderful experience with everyone that is interested. Not only through the kittycams, but your blog, photos and videos!!! Especially the videos ;o) I’ve posted quite a few of them on my facebook page and EVERYONE loves them! Once the kittens have gone on to their new and, I’m sure perfect, homes, I eagerly await the new litter to start all over again!! It will never get old. THANKS MOLLY!!!!

  4. Echo and endorse everything so well said by Maggie, Moose and JMH

  5. Kelly Westover

    I always LOVE your newsy, wordy blogs. No clenched teeth here!

    I will be sad to see the kittens leave ( but looking forward to future litters)…is this part hard for you? Or perhaps a mixture of missing them and utter relief that things will get back to “normal” for awhile?

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Kelly. Yes, a mixture of feelings: excitement for the families. I know how utterly exciting a new kittens is. Sad to see them go just as I’m REALLY getting to know each one, but glad to have the time to devote to my permanent kitties who sometimes feel the neglect when I’m so busy, depression because all of a sudden I don’t know what to do with all the time on my hands … then there’s the bated breath until I know that each kitten is settling in well in their new homes with no problems. I really become a pest if I don’t get a few early home coming reports, then I can settle down and leave everyone in peace. (Usually – lol)

      • No worries on that front, Molly. I’m excellent at sending reports! And I have no doubts at all that little Goliath is going to fit right in at my house and be possibly the most spoiled little kitty in Washington State!

      • I too will be happy to send frequent reports about Halo’s progress . We are so happy that the time is nearing to bring Halo to our home. The good news is that we live in the Bay area (not far from Molly).

      • Molly, I think it should be a requirement in the contract for each new kitten family to post videos on YouTube! Posting once a month or so would suffice…

        : ) (I can hope, right?)

  6. I’m so glad to hear that things are going well. Thanks for the update!

  7. Everyone has pretty much said everything I would say, so I guess my comment today is DITTO!

    I love the “newsy news” blogs!

  8. Thanks so much for the latest blog Molly.

    Pleased to hear that things are beginning to settle down a bit and that Nugget is venturing downstairs now and I loved watching Kalahari and Sequoia playing with kittens on your videos, they all looked as if they were having great fun.

    I have to admit, I watched on the kittycam, the kittens in the enclosure with mixed feelings. It was delightful to watch them finding their ‘paws’ in the big outside world ( particularly with the older kitties tearing around) but I was also sad to know that this means they will soon be going to their new homes and I will miss seeing them so much.
    However, I mustn’t be selfish, the kittens’ new families are eagerly awaiting their arrival and you will be able to get some well earned rest (for a while, lol).

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