Photos of all 7 kittens!

It’s taken me several days, but I think I have every kitten represented in several photos.  Dates taken only range back about three days.  Some are BEFORE bath and a few are AFTER bath, not that you can really tell the difference, but I tried.  Some are candid and others are a feeble attempt at a formal photo shoot … OH WELL:


10 responses to “Photos of all 7 kittens!

  1. do you have photos of sahara and sirocco at this age? i’d be curious to see the similarities.

  2. Great job!!!!! The pictures are FAB!!!!! How could all that cuteness be under one roof??!

  3. Jennifer Heizer

    GREAT pictures Molly!! They are all so adorable :o)

  4. candace malesic

    It looks like Geronimo in a few of the pics but they all say “Goliath”. It IS hard to tell them apart! You can tell better than I!

    • Candace, you must have missed the Geronimo/Fiero pictures … I just checked to make sure I had them labeled correctly … there are 6, starting with the fourth photo … he’s the one with the green basket.

  5. candace malesic

    Oops, number 4 through 9 are Geronimo! I just went back over the pictures and thought it was all Halo in the first nine.

  6. Absolute cuteness! It looks like Goliath had something important to say in one of his shots!

  7. Ooooh! They’re all so cuddlesome, wuddlesome it hurts!

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