Per Request: Parent baby photos …

Simba Kahn was 12 weeks old when I got him and this is what he looked like. … but interesting to note, that he was only a little bigger than the largest of his current kittens.  He was just under 2 lbs.  Sahara was nearly 5 months old when I brought her home so I don’t have any baby pictures of her.  She weighed in at about 3 lbs.  I don’t know how dark she was at birth nor which kind of tabby markings she had.   Her photos are labeled “Digital somethingorother Camera” by default.  Sirocco was extremely small for her age and IMO a little underdeveloped when I brought her home.  Though she was healthy enough and ate fine, it took her a while to get to the acrobatic level her “H” babies are now.  Her photos here range from about 3 weeks on up to 11 weeks of age.


11 responses to “Per Request: Parent baby photos …

  1. so cute, sirocco was so tiny.

    thank you so much for responding to my request 🙂

  2. WONDERFUL pics thanks Molly

  3. And!!! BobinwasinlovewithSirocco!!! 😀 – and probably still is – like us all.
    Lovely pics Molly, SK is so handsome, that is why he has made such beautiful kittens.

  4. Jennifer Heizer

    Simba Kahn looks a lot like his kiddies!! Sirocco was too precious and Sahara has always looked beautiful!!!
    Thanks for posting Molly. Great to see them as wee ones too.

  5. I have such a hard time grasping the idea that your kitties are so small! Sahara only weighed 3 pounds at five months old? That surely qualifies for a record of some sort! I just took my Opossum to the vet today for his blood pressure checkup, and he weighed over 13 pounds! So you can see why I’m having trouble!

    Anywho, thanks for the pictures of mommy & daddy (and Sirocco, too). The photos just confirm that they were ALL always cute!

    • Jill, how heavy was Rowdy? As a shaded golden, he would have been fairly small? Usually it’s 7 – 10 lbs for the males and 5 – 8 lbs for the females (silvers and goldens). In general they tend to be smaller than other Persians. Sirocco and Sahara are both still quite small at 5 – 6 lbs. and Simba Kahn is usually 6.5 – 7.5 lbs

      • Rowdy was a bit over nine pounds, as is Jack right now. I remember the very last email I got from Rowdy’s breeder (when Rowdy was about six months old), she said something like, “You must be feeding Rowdy really good, because that’s huge for a golden!” I guess she was right!

      • Yes, that’s a good size for a golden. I don’t know it it’s the norm, but my silvers seem to be bigger than the goldens at maturity.

  6. molly, what about the pic of SK wearing his tshirt? have you treated your loyal lurkers to that? 😀

    • I don’t think they’ve all seen that one Lisa, but the kitty cammers did catch a glimpse of him in his new stud pants the other night! LOL. I was surprised I could get him into them. I’ve commissioned some that are designed a little differently and will be easier to put on him, I’m hoping. I only have him wearing them during his obnoxious roaming hours from about 6 pm – 9 pm, then I bring the girls in and he has the enclosure to himself with his little bunk house just inside the cat door so he can come inside.

  7. WAAAAAAAAAAAH That timing means us Brits (and other Europeans like Moose) lose out. Blatant Pro-USA Discrimination. I demand a recount or at least pics of KF in finery please.

    Bobin-the-Representative of the Disadvantaged Europeans.

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