Papa Simba Kahn this evening …

11 responses to “Papa Simba Kahn this evening …

  1. Gorgeous like a lion

  2. Thank you, Molly! You know Simba Kahn is my favorite of all the adult Mythicbells kitties. He looks like such a love in these photos!

    • Here’s a pic of Rowdy in nearly the same pose last year. Can you tell that he and Simba Kahn are related? (Hopefully this link will work!)

      • Yes! I can see it. Very similar. I tend to think of Simba Kahn as much darker, but he’s really quite light in his face. It looks like Rowdy was more blond all over? How dark was he as a kitten?

      • Simba Kahn is a very cute & handsome guy! Jill, Rowdy is also very cute! How are he and Simba Kahn related?

  3. We figured out that they are fairly closely related on both sides of his family tree — maybe Jill remembers the details.

  4. Simba Kahn’s maternal grandfather was Rowdy’s father; also Simba Kahn’s paternal great-grandfather was Rowdy’s maternal grandfather. Gee, Molly, I don’t know why you couldn’t remember that off the top of your head?! It’s only confusing as all get-out!

    As for Rowdy’s coloring, it seemed like he was continually changing colors, but on the whole he looked like this (e.g. more red than blond):

    All his kitten pictures were, I believe, lost when my former computer crashed (I have yet to find them on a disc, but I’m still hoping — see, the value in making hard copies!), so I don’t have them except for the one, which was emailed from the breeder:

    He seems lighter, if anything, in his baby pic; but I do remember he didn’t have stripes the way Molly’s kittens do (except Gobi/Austin), at least not clearly defined ones.

    Anywho, I LOVE the pics of Simba Kahn and can’t wait to see that little tongue sticking out in person! He’s just an absolute DOLL!

  5. Lovely photos of SK (and Rowdy). Thanks. Bobin

  6. Jennifer Heizer

    I didn’t realize just how handsome SK is! Wow. No wonder he has such adorable kitties!!! and Rowdy is as well. So both are shaded goldens??

    • Yes, both are shaded goldens. Which can show you the extreme range in the coloring they end with as adults. Simba Kahn is one of the few I’ve seen who retained the dark markings. Actually, the clear coat of Sahara’s is considered more ‘show worthy’, however Sahara’s grandmother, Foxy Lady, was dark and achieved champion status.

  7. Very beautiful and looking very proud too, as so he should!!

    Rowdy looks beautiful too Jill.

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