Kung Fu Kitty !

Kung Fu Kitty


14 responses to “Kung Fu Kitty !

  1. Jennifer Heizer

    That is hysterical!!! Did you do that on Photoshop Molly? Love it!

  2. Yes. LOL. I used to do a lot of this kind of stuff. A comment on the orig. photo triggered this little project this morning. 😀

  3. That’s hilarious!

  4. keep these little projects coming. this thing needs to circulate on the world wide web! this is hilarious!

  5. when i saw the original photo, i thought to myself ‘guitar kitty’

  6. I even thought of Kung Fu – LOL !!! what a sweetheart that pic is…. Love it !!!

  7. Great photo of Gobi Bear and even more fun as the Kung Fu Kitten.. Love it

  8. Dont tell DC – she’ll be SO jealous!! Bobin

  9. Cool!!

  10. The yin-yang on his headgear is the perfect touch!

  11. What a hoot! just a perfect pic.
    Thanks for laugh

  12. This picture is so cute, he looks ready to take on anyone.How is Nugget doing?

  13. Awww! Bless! The cutest Kung Fu fighter ever.

    Jackie Chan better watch out!! 😀

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