Behind the scenes?

Sigh — this BLOG is not labeled “behind the scenes” for nothing.  Don’t-cha just hate it when reality gets in the way of our rosy little fantasies?   I do!  I think I’m depressed. 😦

To follow:

More on the realities of attempting to have a sweet little, quality breeding operation, and do it MY way — with no cages — with a male free to roam — with kittens allowed TRULY under foot.

Breeders cage their queens and kittens for a reason, folks!  They have ‘stud quarters’ for a reason; and they keep studs separated from each other, the queens and the kittens for a reason.  So far I’ve avoided this necessity and I will continue to do so, though I have had to modify my dream to some extent.  I will quit breeding before I compromise beyond a certain point, that, I can assure you!  Have I bitten off more than I can handle with my simplistic idea of cute, friendly little cats running around the house; everyone in complete accord with one another?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  It’s possible that we will revert back to one big happy family when kitten season is over.  Perhaps Kalahari will stay here and I will simply retire them all.  Perhaps the perfect home will present its self to me and he will not stay here.  Perhaps I will decide to re-home a few more of my spays/neuters to get the number down under the critical level again.   As breeders go, I have very few cats, but nearly all of them are spay/neutered.  I’m sorry to disappoint anyone, but I must be blunt about it.  Many of you have been with me through my joys and tragedies alike, and I so appreciate it.  This is what it takes to bring to you these fabulous little fur-balls.  And they are fabulous!  I love every single one of them, from the biggest and most obnoxious to the tiniest wisp of life in the palm of my hand.

Last night’s saga:

I quite literally ran out of rooms last night.  Let me see… how did this particular bruhaha begin?

THE BRUHAHA: Nugget was outside with a few of the others.  Poor little Nugget is the low cat around here and when she does come down from her safe room upstairs it thrills me.  So, she was outside enjoying the breezes.  I was a happy camper, when all of a sudden, in she pops through the cat door with one of the males on her tail.  This is all a blur, so I’m not entirely sure how all this went down.  In any case she was immediately attacked by Sirocco.  Sweet little Sirocco!  For reasons known only to Sirocco (and maybe Nugget), they have been sworn enemies from just before the birth of Sirocco’s kittens.  I can’t allow them in the same room.

A little reality check here for anyone who doesn’t know this.  When one cat attacks another, everyone lines up to get involved.  AND IT HAPPENS FAST!!  I was faster.  I had Sirocco locked in her nursery before the fur hit the floor and before Nugget slammed the door upstairs, but I wasn’t fast enough in the long run.  As I was leaning against Sirocco’s door, panting in triumph, the sounds of battle were escalating in the living room.  I reentered the fray to find that Sahara had taken up the standard and was cussing out … someone:  Simba Kahn?  Kalahari?  Quick as a ‘Flash’ I grab Sahara and whisk her into HER room.   I heaved a sigh of relief.  But I haven’t won yet, the battle continues to rage on behind me.  This time it’s Tiny Bear.  I field her in quickly and lock her in the laundry room.  I’m now out of rooms and no more doors to close except the enclosure, so I herd Simba Kahn outside and close the cabana door so he can’t get back in.  I retrieve a couple of kittens who’ve managed to escape being trampled, sort them all out by mother and put them all to bed for the night.  BTW this is just before I was going to bed.  I’m in a lather.

Basically, we ARE all just one big happy family… right up until we aren’t.  LOL. 😀


23 responses to “Behind the scenes?

  1. i volunteer at a shelter and have had the misfortune of being in a small adoption room when a multiple cat fight broke out. It happened so fast and was so scary, reading your post i can totally relate.

    cat A attacked cat B. Cat B is looking to get back at cat A. I decide to get involved and move cat A to the other side of the room to let things cool down, not realizing that cat B was still looking for a fight and decided that the closest cat would suffice. Within three seconds, sides were drawn up that i didn’t even know existed amongst these cats and the fur started to fly. It was all i could do to get the cats back in their cages….

    anyway, i’m new to your blog/website and totally appreciate the level of access you give strangers like me to your breeding operation/home. thanks

    • LOL – thanks for posting, Beth! It’s often a very fine line as to what people want to know about. I figure since they now know the color and design of my pajamas (from Kitty Cam) … and that I only own 2 pair, my life is a open book, so I might as well let it ALLLL hang out …

  2. I agree. Thanks for sharing it all with us Molly. we ALL love you and the kitties…. Bobin

  3. Thanks for sharing Molly. We all love you and the kitties and know you will do what is best for all. We appreciate how candid you have been with us and how much you have opened up your life for us. (Did not know you had only two pair of PJ’

  4. I will never whine again.

  5. Having had these sorts of issues in the past myself, I totally understand your dilemma, Molly. I’m so sorry you’re having these troubles, because I know how very, very stressful it is. Hang in there.

  6. Your blogs, newsletters and webcam are a real education for cat owners. I’ve been a cat owner for nearly all my life but I’ve picked up so much really useful information about cat behaviour and feline management from you – and I’m grateful.

    Any sensible person will understand if you have to make changes to your feline family, and wish you well whatever you do.

    Meanwhile, here’s a slogan currently fashionable here in the UK – “Keep calm and carry on.” We’re all rooting for you!

  7. Molly, I want to thank you for keeping us updated. I love all your kitties and enjoy reading the blog no matter what. I hope no one has to go and “this to will pass”. Give Nugget an extra hug from me. 🙂 I know you will make the right decision for you and the cats.
    Val in MI

  8. Thank you for sharing all of the pictures and kitteos with us. I jusst love them. It sounds like the problem that we all have had when a newcomer arrives on the scene, jealousy. With those beautiful green eyes does that suprise ou? Things will settle down when you are able to give the adults more attention. Til then, hang in there.

  9. OMG!!! Molly, I had no idea this was going on ?? I have not been around much today at all, just read your blog’s this instant …….. which I love enormously as always, but hate to think that your home last night sounded like a battle ground of kitties …..I do hope that all settles down – and that peace and tranquility will be with you and all within soon. Take care Molly, we all love you.

  10. Safe bet that you’ll sleep like a baby tonight Molly!

    Have you considered or used calming collar(s)?

    Thought it was another clever tactic by a pet supply company to ease my wallet of cash, with a promise to restore feline balance and tranquility to the ‘nest’.

    Days 1 &2, nothing. The only thing that had changed was he was ‘prancing’ around the house with a new pretty purple collar, full of his ‘special-ness’.

    Day 3. Hmm? Playing nice with toys again, hmm.
    Day 4. Feline sleep heap together on the bed.

    Okay, maybe I wished it into reality (?) or Gizmo was over it. Perhaps having his own pretty purple collar was what his feline ego needed, or the soothing scent of pheromones and lavendar did the trick. Who knows? It’s a thought…..

    May peace, tranquility, balance, calm (and a sound night sleep!) reign in the Kingdom of Mythic Bells.

    • I’ve spent a fortune on Feliway spray and diffusers? I’m not sure it’s done much, but I love the theory. Haven’t tried the collars yet, but that might be worth thinking about for kitties who are not raging with hormones. Interesting that it worked well for you. *Going into research mode* 😀

  11. Wow! The kind of “excitement” a person can do without. I, too, have learned a lot from you, not just nutrition, but behavior as well. I will never have more than 2 cats, and I’m seriously thinking 1 is sufficient! Behavior problems aside of bringing in a new cat, I just can’t afford to buy Fancy Feast for yet another cat. Good luck with the crew. I hope they settle down and give you a bit of a break!

  12. Thank you so much for opening your home and heart with us. I too have learned so much about cats .. their behavior, nutriton and just cat stuff.
    I was the “crazy cat lady” at the shelter where I volunteered till I went back to work full time. It was awesome “babysitting” and taking care of them for a few hours easch day, and just that was exhausting; so I have a tiny inkling of what your life must be like. This is the feline version of the Duggar family on Lifetime!! Keep loving and nurturing them. You’re an awesome Mom!

  13. Molly, you know how I feel about you and your kitty family! You and all your fur babies mean so much to me. As so many others have said, I’ve learned so much from you! I’m sorry you’re going through such a tough time. If I lived closer I’d come help you with everyone…

  14. You do realize, Molly, that if you were ever to throw in the towel with the breeding program you’d have to leave the cam on so we could monitor your pajama wardrobe… 😀

    A bazillion thank-you’s for the past years of the cam, videos and now the blog. XXXOOOXXX

  15. Dear Molly, as I’ve said before, it’s just like a furry soap opera in your house. Love, Comedy, Jealousy, Fights, Pregnancy …… it’s all there at Mythicbells. I so admire the way you cope with it all and continue to share it with us too ( pajamas and all :D).
    Just hang in there because if you ever gave up, you’d have to make a start on writing that book.

  16. Gwen AKA Supagme

    I sincerely hope that writing this down also helps you with your well being. It is kinds of like journaling but for everyone.

    • that’s exactly what it is, I think … journalling … I burned all my hand written journals, so what do I do? Put it all out there on the Internet where IT NEVER DIES!!

  17. Roberta Johnston

    Incredible story. And it is all TRUE. Good grief!!

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