On my soap box … again!

For those of you with pets, this article may be of interest to you: http://www.bornfreeusa.org/facts.php?p=359&more=1

It’s quite lengthy so I’m assuming only a few of you will wade through it.  Also it pertains to the U.S.  I’m sure that other countries have their own regulations and pet food issues.  However, having said that, I found it to be an extremely comprehensive article on our pet food industry.  It’s quite an eye opener.

I, personally, froth at the mouth every time I see Purina’s advertisement stating something along the lines of “contains fresh whole grains and organic vegetables for your cats.”  I’ve thrown in the towel and feed and recommend several brands of food with by-products, but the article is probably correct in that the quality of meat by-products in pet foods is an unknown.  I keep commercial food to a minimum in my house and make may own food which helps compensate, however having said that, a grain free, veggie free canned food with bi-products is going to be better for your kitty than any dry food.  Have I said that before?  How many times?  NO DON’T TELL ME!  I’m sure you are tired of hearing it by now.  The list of health issues in cats strongly linked to the rise in the multi-million dollar pet food industry is legend in my opinion.  Digestive issues tops the list and is one of my personal ‘pet’ peeves, then there are kidney issues, urinary tract problems, obesity…

The above article does have a link that takes you to some sample diets you can prepare yourself.  Although I do this and do recommend it.  I take exception to how complicated they make it.  I’ve personally heard hair raising statements from people who think maybe they should feed their cats a “natural” diet by making their own food but really are not into doing it right.  It’s obvious to me that they haven’t quite gotten their mind around the program.  “Can I just feed them ground hamburger?”  “I’m feeding him cheese, eggs, and a little canned food.”

Okay *stopping self right there!*  The point is you cannot go off half-cocked on this home-prepared diet thing.

Keep it simple and/or feed a meat based canned diet (with by-products if necessary) – most recipes for home prepared cat foods are way too complicated or they are really made for dogs and adapted.  Cats do not need vegetables.

I hate to see people chasing the PR hype from the pet food industries — all natural, organic, 100% meat, fresh greens, cranberrys for urinary health, sensitive stomach formula, weight loss diets — and on and on.  I’ve been there and done that.  In the end you don’t know what you have or what you’ve accomplished.

If you might be interested in preparing your own cat food, check out www.catnutrition.org


8 responses to “On my soap box … again!

  1. I never mind seeing you on your soapbox again! But you’re preaching to the choir here!

  2. PS: That cranberry thing: that’s one of the things that was in a can of food I was talked into trying at the pet store. My cats actually loved it, but it also cost a dollar a can more than Fancy Feast, which I can barely (can’t really?) afford.

  3. I’ve seen cranberry touted as a urinary supplement for cats. I should research that. I have no idea whether or not it’s valid. I suspect not, but I could be wrong.

  4. As I’ve told you before, as soon as I move and switch to the GI specialist vet, I’m going to be discussing Phoebe & Zoey’s diet with him. With both of them having IBD I don’t want to make any changes on my own, but considering they are currently on dry Blue Buffalo, the one that claims to be natural with whole grains plus fruits (namely cranberries) and vegetables, I want to make sure I’m doing what’s best for them. They are way too important to me to risk doing something that will make them sick(er) and shorten their lives! That being said, I definitely can’t afford to feed them raw plus, considering they are almost 7, I don’t think they’d eat it.

    • I didn’t think my boys would eat raw, but I went out and bought some Rad Cat as an experiment, and they did eat it (although they let me know that they would’ve preferred the Fancy Feast).

      • LOL, Jill … well, I’ve said it before, if you feed canned Fancy Feast in the Classic flavors (used to be the Gourmet flavors) – http://www.mythicbells.com/fancyfeastforprint.htm – I think they will do fine. Rad Cat could be a supplement. My cats like Rad Cat over every other raw food except the rabbit which is still the most popular. You might try some rabbit. You live much closer to my suppliers than I do: http://www.wholefoods4pets.com (Washington) or http://cachevalleyproducts.com/(Idaho) — it’s whole rabbit ground like hamburger with the bone and organs. If you feed it as a supplement (not the whole diet) you wouldn’t need to add anything to it. Rabbit has proven to be a little low on Taurine without supplementation if it’s the only thing you feed.

  5. Molly, I’m curious: when you order the ground rabbit and buy all the supplements to make the food you feed your kitties, how is the cost compared to Fancy Feast? Is it twice as much? Or just a bit more? (Not counting the fact that you undoubtedly have lower vet costs because of the better health of your cats!) Also, do you have any kitties that, once they try rabbit, they refuse to eat Fancy Feast? (I’m thinking back on the years when our power was out for weeks on end due to wind storms, and everything in the freezer was ruined; if I’d had a cat who refused to eat Fancy Feast, I’d have been in serious trouble!)

  6. Mine definately would not eat raw – not now- think you have to wean them onto raw for them to take to it. Even cooked chicken they both turn their noses up at it and walk away. Something Mustard does like and that is fresh Prawns 😀 – mind you we only give her one or two – that is when we buy them for ourselves in the first place, not bought especially for her, I am sure she ‘Wishes’ lol. Daisy turns her nose up at them and walks away 😀 I presume your Fancy Feast is the same to our Gourmet small tins ? they do have one of those between them once a day – it doesnt sound alot but they are satisfied with that and their dry. Thanks Molly as always with all your information.

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