The “H” Litter

I’d love to ID each kitten for you in these three photos, but all I can say is if you are getting an “H” litter kitten shown here.  YOURS is the cutest one!  LOL.


7 responses to “The “H” Litter

  1. Molly, how did you know exactly what I needed? It’s a basket full of cute! And Halo looks like SUCH a little impish urchin!

    • Oops, I got it wrong yet again. That’s Hiawatha who looks like an impish urchin with his little upside-down face! Whomever that little person is, he/she is too adorable for his/her own good!

  2. Absolutely all cutie-patooties!!

  3. Adorable – that little face looking up at Molly !!! awwww !!

  4. Jennifer Heizer

    Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!

  5. Did anyone say they are adorable AND cute?

  6. Molly they are all so cute. I wish I could bring them here to Fl.

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