Professional Photos!

One of Geronimo’s new human parents is a professional photographer with one of those huge almost-too-heavy-to-carry digital cameras that does EVERYTHING.  While they were here, he got some great candid photos of the gang inside and out:

You’ll recognize Geronimo immediately by his funny little tail … Enjoy.

Also, I finally started a G and H gallery in my own Smugmug gallery:

OH!  By the way, the photos uploaded to my SmugMug gallery are the original resolution out of the camera and they are free for download which might be nice for those of you getting one of these kittens (hint: then you won’t have to bother me for the original :D).   You can download photos to your hard drive from the fly-out menu that slides out from the right if you move your cursor to the right of the large photo, the select ‘save photo’ (the folder icon).


8 responses to “Professional Photos!

  1. GREAT photos of Geronimo, Kalahari, Sirocco, and especially Gypsy Rose — I didn’t realize how gray she was. Fabulous!

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Great Pictures!! Geronimo definitely has the cutest tail! I love how Sequoia watches every move…she is certainly interested in these little “creatures”!! Thanks for posting.

  3. Wonderful Pics !!! 😀

  4. Brilliant pics…EVEN better than yours.

    BUT dont stop giving us yours, PLEEEEEEASE

    Thanks. Bobin

  5. How lovely and cute are Halo and Gobi Bear

  6. While I LOVE your pictures, with the really fancy camera these are magnificent! My uncle has a really nice camera and it’s amazing to see the shots he gets!

    I loved all the kitty shots, but I especially loved the ones of Sequoia with her fur wild and full of schmutz! : )


  7. What wonderful pictures Molly, the professional ones show the beauty of every cat and kitten in such clear detail.

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