Halo !!


7 responses to “Halo !!

  1. Awwwwww, what a little beauty Halo is!!

  2. She is just sooooooo cute. What a beautiful face.

  3. “Halo Halo Halo – whats going on ‘ere then?”
    (for US readers thats a slight misquote of the ‘traditional british old fashioned policeman’s first comment on encountering anything amiss.

    (Alas British Police now far too automated to do anthing other than drive up and give a problem a few whacks of the Blackberry)

  4. just precious…I’m on cuteness overload!!!

  5. hi everyone, just love the playfulness in Halo’s face. She is a little doll kittie. She’s going to shine in her new home and bring that sunshine to the family.

  6. I agree with Gerrie. There’s definitely something playful about Halo’s expression, which could help explain why she’s so photogenic.

  7. Halo is adorable (as they all are!!) This must have been when you were videoing her, she was posing for the camera and enjoying the flashing of the camera she looked as if she was enjoying every moment. 😀

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