The “H” Honeys

We’ve had numerous “G” Boys photos in the doughnut bed, now it’s the “H” Honeys’ turn:


6 responses to “The “H” Honeys

  1. How adorable – and how did you manage to make the basket JUST the right size for them?

    Thanks a million… H litter… Sirocco-my-love, and Molly too of course.


  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Oh, Molly…these pictures are just too cute for words!!! They are so adorable.

  3. What a sweet bundle of kitty softness! They are ALL dolls!

  4. Ditto what everyone else said!

  5. Those kitties become cuter every day, I wish I were there to pet them! Judging from you last video, Sirocco seems in good shape. I’m glad she recovered from both her spay and last battle with Sahara.

  6. Beauties !!!!

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