Where did I leave off …

So, where did I leave off with the newsy news bit?  It seems so long ago as to be a distant memory.  A lot has happened.  The kitties and I survived having the house painted, but it was a near thing.  Strange men pounding and sanding and climbing all over our house for five days last week was traumatic for all of us.  The kitties, of course had to be kept inside.  No enclosure time for them.  Simba Kahn moved into his apartment in the kitchen cabinet.  Kalahari became a lump under my bedspread.  It took me several days to unearth Nugget’s hiding-in-plain-sight spot.  The queens were on edge hovering over their tiny charges.  I nearly panicked and joined Simba Kahn when the windows were papered over.  Gypsy Rose was the exception wandering from window to window supervising the progress of the workers, offering pointers where needed.

No sooner had the house been completed late Friday, than I had family arrive on Saturday, putting the kitties on alert again.  I had a fabulous visit with my family, but it’s unbelievably distracting for me to have people around while I’m trying to make sure that the queens are feed, that little fluffy tushes are clean, noses wiped and eyes clear.  By Monday I was beyond exhausted.

Okay, end of my whining!  The kittens are flourishing and growing up so fast that I worry about missing the enjoyment of their complete and utter adorableness in the flurry of activity required to care for them, show them off, and attend to many other issues.  I love most of it but the queens have been a hand full — even tiny, mild mannered Sirocco has had her moments.  I’m finding it necessary to keep them separated from each other and the other cats.  I’ve been more careful about this after one terrifying incident when, again, poor Kalahari (aka Dennis the Menace) stuck his head in the door during a lapse of attention on my part.  Sahara lit into him, I reeled her in, slammed the door then she turned on Sirocco who was near-by before I could close the door between the nurseries.  Later, when I checked on Sirocco there was blood all over the floor and Sirocco’s face.  It was streaming from her left eye.  We were lucky!  It was apparently just a nick near the eye and not the cornea.  Cleaned and disinfected, she is fine.  The truth is she recovered from this trauma before I did.   No doubt about it — life is an adventure in these here parts!!

Sirocco can be trusted to leave her nursery for short excursions, but not Sahara.  I have put a harness on Sahara and we venture forth with leash wrapped tightly around my wrist just in case.  I find that she actually doesn’t want to go far from the nursery but enjoys the opportunity to poke her head out occasionally.  She fusses and talks constantly to myself and any human guests and, of course, takes exemplary care of her children.

As usual, I’m asked about the other cats.  I allowed Gypsy Rose into the larger nursery while holding Sahara.  GR made her circuit then exited without much interest.  I’m beginning to allow the kittens to venture out of the nurseries.  You may have seen a couple of those videos.  There are logistic problems to this, however, as I either have to bring the kittens out and close the nursery doors (locking the queens in) or leave Sirocco’s door open which means she MIGHT decide to race out and defend the kittens from the other cats.  I’m playing this by ear.  The “H” litter is only 4 1/2 weeks old so there’s no hurry and the “G” litter has the larger nursery and more toys than they know what to do with.  All of the kittens are using the kitten hole between the nurseries and are just too cute when they clamber through to be in the nursery I’m in.  Soon, the “H”s will be seen playing in the larger nursery more often as they get their tiny legs under them.

The rest of the cats are suspicious of the little critters when they waddle down the hall and hiss at them.  One video shows Sequoia hissing at a little one.  I had to take a firm grip on myself while reading the comments on the video when someone wrote in that she was “disappointed” in Sequoia for hissing at the little guys instead of welcoming them with open paws.  Okay!  I WAS tired and cranky, I confess!  I wanted to rip Ms. Disappointed’s head off.  Just think about it for a moment.  A gang of interlopers just moved into your house, took over YOUR play room, YOUR bathroom, is eating YOUR food, and taking up a share of the attention YOU were previously getting and you are okay with that?  I don’t think so!

On the kitten front.  Cute Overload doesn’t even begin to describe these kittens.  The three H’s are such a miracle, especially little Hiawatha.  I look at him in utter wonder.  He is an incredible little character and is going to be beyond sweet and beautiful.  It’s hard to believe that I didn’t think he was going to survive.  And his two sisters are equally cute-alicious.  Their little faces pop up like daisies and they trot towards me when I enter their room.  They lay in the palm of my hands on their backs and wave their little feet in the air.  Sorry!  I’m gushing!  They are all using the litter box like pros and are just beginning to eat.  The “G” boys, at 5 1/2 weeks, are becoming very playful and active.  What a joy to watch!  They are now all eating from the plate with supplementation from mom.

We still stand at six of the seven kittens spoken for.  Half Pint and Goliath have been assigned to new families, and choosing/assigning the others begins this week.  There are some very lucky people out there.

Thanks for listening to my diatribe.  Take care, all, and I hope you are enjoying these little guys as much as I am.


14 responses to “Where did I leave off …


    Thanks for such a wonderfully full and detailed post… You are beyond superhuman.

    … just as the kitties are beyond supercuteness…

    and the other (adult) kitties (sorely neglected and abused as you say) are beyond their usual georgeousness.

    Look who’s gushing now?

  2. Thanks for the wonderfully newsy post Molly. You are beyond patient, with the cats/kittens and with us, your devoted admirers.

    As for projecting human feelings onto animals, well, nuff said. They are wonderful, and are members of our families, when we are lucky to own them, but they are not “people” – and thank goodness for that – so I try hard not to project human feelings onto them. I don’t always suceed, but I try.

  3. As always, Molly, thank-you for yet another captivating and entertaining chapter from the ongoing saga otherwise known as your life! You are definitely every bit the writer your sister is! Not only do I love getting the play-by-play of the goings-on in your feline family, but I just can’t get enough of how you choose to describe everything! I’m hope your nerves have had time to calm a bit after Sirocco’s harrowing attack and that her eye is healing! I’m sure this is a difficult request, but do me a favor and give each kitten, momma, and all the rest of your feline family a kiss and cuddle for me! : )

  4. Gwen AKA Supagme

    Molly, What can I say? Whew what a job you have. I hope now that the house is painted and your family gone you can relax those shoulders and have a little me time. I love watching the kittens and I so appreciate your sharing the experience with the cam and the Blog. God Bless you Molly.

  5. Cynthia AKA Numero Uno or Chantilly Lace

    Judy and I really enjoyed our visit on Tuesday and came away feeling awestruck for your ability to handle such a passle of fluff! All your kittens have been beyond compare in looks and temperament but we think these batches have risen to the top of your offspring tree. Neither photos nor words can describe the faces of those G boys. I was delighted that Half Pint literally chose me since I had my eye on her before our official meeting. I wish I could take another one — one of Sahara’s — for lots of reasons I won’t go into at this site but you Molly will understand. But Mitch won’t let me get a bigger house.

    You are an amazing writer on top of everything else you excell at. And you are very generous to share your time with all of us.

    • You are SO lucky to be adopting Half Pint! I’m quite jealous!!! Enjoy her completely! Do you or do you plan to post videos on Youtube?

  6. Bobin, once again you’ve purrfectly said it: thank you.

    Molly, please capture this in a book one day….. please?? You’ve such a gift with kitties and writing.

  7. Oh my goodness, your week has been even more busy and strife-ridden than ever I imagined. The part about Sirocco bleeding made my heart stop for a minute — that sure would’ve rattled me. And having previously dealt with an episode of redirected aggression, I can completely understand your stress level with Sahara. I do hope things calm down eventually, Molly, because all this discord can’t be fun to live with.

    As for Sequoia’s hissing episode, obviously that person has never introduced a new kitten into a household with existing cats. It’s a pretty common response, hissing. That’s just what kitties do. After all, Sequoia and Kalahari have never seen the strange little entity that is a kitten before. It’s especially disconcerting if said kitten is coming right at you jovially, trying to play or cuddle with you!

    Hang in there, Molly. And thank you again for everything you do! We LOVE the videos, pictures and blogs! You definitely have a talent! (Or rather, MANY talents!)

  8. I cried and laughed at this Blog Molly !!! Watched all the videos, which are as always amazing !!!. And YES !!! you have to write a book – I have said that before and I do mean that.
    I am sure the past few weeks have been stressful, especially with 2 litters arriving, then the decorators arriving. But, you amaze us all and still put up these amazing videos and Blogs for us to watch and read. Thank you so much.
    C.L – 😀 So pleased for you.. – wish I had the opportunity of meeting you all. Including hugging all the kittens and kitties.
    All Mollys family are Truly Scrumptious – 😀

  9. Thank you, Molly, for yet another brilliantly written, touching, and informative Blog entry! We are so honored that you share your life at Mythicbells and your beloved ones with us. Your kitties are precious, each and every one! 😀

  10. Veronica (Chewy)

    Thanks Molly, you are quite the entertaining writer. I’m really enjoying the kitten photos and videos. They are all amazing and funny little sweet kittens. 🙂

  11. Thank you all SO much for your great responses. I’m not sure I should be encouraged to be such a show off, but I love your comments, and I love sharing the kitties 😀

  12. I for one am clearing space in the bookcase for a Mythic Bells Family series by Molly Barr…..please?

    Until then, Gizmo and Rocky are keeping it warm.

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