Gobi Bear in the RED BASKET!


7 responses to “Gobi Bear in the RED BASKET!

  1. Well done Gobi Basket.

  2. Oh my, what a wild little thing Gobi looks! I love it! (And he’s getting to be sooooo blond! Just like his mama, huh?)

  3. Jennifer Heizer

    OMG- Gobi in a basket! Such a great pic of Gobi Wan Kenobi :o)

  4. What beautiful eyes !!!! he is adorable !!

  5. I’m enjoying the pictures so much Molly. Thank you. I leave for England next week, for three weeks, so will miss a lot of the kitten’s growing up. But I know I’ll have lots of pictures to look at later, and at least I’ll be back before they go to their new homes.

  6. Leslie
    We are quite civilized here in England, so have such luxuries as electricity, computers and even free public web access at Libraries and some other oublic buildings.

    So you can view blog / kittycam etc that way to get an occasional kitty-fix.

    Depending on who you are with / what you are doing you may also persude THEM to ‘join you’ help you look at the kitties.


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