Today’s Pittance ….

In both photos, left to right: Gecko, Gobi Bear, Geronimo:


10 responses to “Today’s Pittance ….

  1. Looking at these photos….I’m really hoping all babies are spoken for by the time I get there, because I WILL come home with two if they look anything like these pictures! Has there EVER been anything so adorable in the world ever before???? I sincerely doubt it! TOO CUTE!!!!

  2. Jill

    I MUST remind you to ‘form an orderly queue’ behind the MANY others with similar thoughts and sentiments.


  3. Oh, believe me, I know these cute little babies are in high demand! As they should be! How could anyone resist those darling wee pixie faces?

  4. I can’t wait to meet them in person!!!
    They are SO cute!!!

  5. I wish !!!! 😦

  6. Jennifer Heizer

    I might have to move to California to just have a chance to come home with one of Molly’s cuties!!!

  7. Hey you guys! I want to be first in the queue! Unfortunately for me its just a dream and I’ll just have to make do with my ‘cyber cuddles’.

    I bet Molly’s relieved we can’t all decend on her though, think what mayhem that would cause!!

  8. I am blessed to live with two of Molly’s babies (Honey Bear and Buttercup) and I have to say that these munchkins are as cute as my babies were – which is saying A LOT. Congratulations to Molly for two beautiful healthy litters. I love looking at the pics every day!

    🙂 H

  9. Marvel at these healthy, beautiful babies every day!

    A huge debt of gratitude and appreciation Molly for your commitment to breeding HEALTHY, happy and beautiful kittens. If every breeder were as devoted and responsible, PKD would be an issue of the past….

  10. I am completely jealous of all who either have any of Molly’s babies, have visited Molly’s babies, or are planning “in reality, not fantasy” to take one or more of Molly’s babies home!!!! I am so in love with those cute, little faces!!!!

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