Our Weekend!

Still learning here!  Now I *think* this is how this option works.  Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a large image of the photo with the title at the top.  Below is a thumbnail of it and clicking on the thumbnail will bring up the next image so that you can click through all of the images in this little gallery.

I’m hoping to get to an obnoxiously long, newsy rendition of our busy week later (?).  But here are some pictures of both “H” and “G” litters.  Some were taken by my brother who has a nicer camera than I do; some were taken by me.  Both “G” and “H” litters were allowed to run (yes, the “H”s ran too!!) around the living room which is where these pictures were taken.  More on those adventures later.


10 responses to “Our Weekend!

  1. World’s most adorable kittens!

    Hope you won’t go too high tech yet Molly. Some of us are still learning to use the computer. I for one am strictly a beginner.

  2. love them ALL!!! Very cute kittens! Thanks for sharing with us Molly 😀

    But where’s Geronimo? LOL

    • I know! I know! Not all the kittens are represented. We are now at the point where we have them all going in all directions. I’m sure I’ll catch Geronimo with my camera sometime this week. You’ll all be glad to know that he finally ate out of the plate for the first time today. He’s been the slowest of the older kittens to do this. Of course, they are ALL incredibly advanced to be eating out of the plate at 5 weeks… the younger “H”s too (and only 4 weeks old)! Except for Halo, who is obviously getting enough food SOMEWHERE!

  3. Well, Lesley, you can learn right along with me, then… I’m trying to find ways to make this part of the process less time consuming. I see a few ‘glitches’ though and I’m assuming it’s my computer? Or maybe WordPress is sometimes not up to speed. Pictures are slow to load and sometimes the slide show doesn’t work right on one or both of my machines. I may go with the gallery if it works more consistently. I’ll just have to see how it goes. I WAS hoping that there would be a little caption under each picture to ID the kittens, but it didn’t work that way … then you wouldn’t even have to ‘thumb’ through the pictures to find the titles. Well, maybe that will be tomorrow’s discovery for me.

  4. Roberta Johnston

    Beautiful Pictures, Molly!

  5. Molly !!! Pics just get better – so does your blog!!!..Geronimo must be the culprit?? You sure he doesn’t have a hidden camera??
    I cannot bear to look at them too much, I just melt away :D……..

  6. You are doing Brilliantly on ALL your many fronts, Molly (and probably on some more we dont know about too).
    Kitty-moms and kitties too. Well done all.

  7. Molly, I was able to access all of the pictures fine when I tried it, so obviously you are technically adept. 🙂

    I did notice today that the G kittens are rocketing off in all directions. Amazing.

  8. Jennifer Heizer

    LOVE your pictures Molly!!

  9. Molly…as usual, I’m in love and very thankful for everything you post, whether it’s via the blog, youtube, or the kittycams. Everything helps to put a smile on my face. I had my surgery yesterday and so far I’m dealing with back pain as a result (to be expected) and no relief in my arm yet. I’ll go back again tomorrow so they can fiddle more with different settings.

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