Hiawatha and Geronimo

Hiawatha and his mom, Sirocco, were just TOO cute!  He’s on the drum.  I also got a couple of Geronimo to make up for not getting him in the last batch (he’s in the basket):


10 responses to “Hiawatha and Geronimo

  1. Jennifer Heizer

    So cute!! Drum-spinning :o)

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Also, love the slideshow effect!

  3. Playing the drums too!

  4. Roberta Johnston

    Kittens are so darned cute at 4 weeks!

  5. I see the mice are dangling appropriately in these pics — yay for dangling mice! Cute, cute pictures! Hiawatha just keeps getting more adorable! And Geronimo is a doll!

  6. Wait — is that Geronimo or Goliath? The pics are labeled Goliath. I’m sooooo confused!

    • Oops! Well, I call Geronimo and Goliath the twins for a reason! I’m the one that was confused. I labeled the files wrong. This IS Geronimo! The whole point was to get a couple of pictures specifically of him since he wasn’t included in the last batch. I’ve made the correction to the file names.

  7. Persian kittens, with the huge, round head and inquisitive nature are very cute. Still, I’d like to see something of Sequoia again…

  8. I love them all!!!

  9. Me too!

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