Half Pint

Attempting something a little new (formal photo shoot) … Half Pint is my first victim.  She needs a bath, but other than that, what a cutie!

… and, WOW!  Look what I just learned to do!  I can upload pictures in a group and also make them into a slide show.  How exciting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


8 responses to “Half Pint

  1. OOOOOOOOOOO Molly – youll be making movies next! Bobin

    PS Halfpint looks adorable!

  2. Uber Cool Molly!

    Little baby girl is just too sweet…baby chubby cheeks already!

    LOL – every time I coo over new baby pics and your videos, my two boys think I’m talking to them! funny

  3. Half pint is just the cutest little thing! I just wanna cuddle her (and her brothers & cousins, too, of course)! Great camera work, Molly!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww…..over-the-top precious baby girl!!

    Love the sparkly backdrop! Excellent work on the slide show, Molly! Looking forward to more 😀

  5. Veronica (Chewy)

    They look and are sooo beautiful!! Slide show is a great idea!

  6. What a precious little girl. You can see her tiny whiskers in those pictures.

    Sirocco’s baby. How adorable is that?

  7. 😀 !!!! What a cutie little girl – I do adore her profile – good work Molly.

  8. LOL and Ive JUST learned how to access the ‘slide show’! TY Molly!! Bobin

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