The “G” Boys!


5 responses to “The “G” Boys!

  1. Molly you take some amazing photos !!! Geronimo looks un-interested LOL – Bless his little furry socks – 😀

  2. Wonderful pics of kittens

    SO useful that they now have labels too. However… labels come out v clearly on blog pics but I cant read them at all on the webcam? Why is this do you think?


  3. Oh my goodness…I can’t stand how cute they are! Molly, you take wonderful pictures! Thank you for the name tags!

    Bobin…you are too funny!!!

  4. What were you saying before about a bouquet of little kitten faces? They are each so perfect and ridiculously adorable! And I love how their eye shine is blue at this age — so cute!

  5. The “G” boys, I can’t get over how beautiful their eyes are. It’s not just the beautiful shape and color; it’s the bright attentiveness of their gaze that melts my heart!
    Thank you Sahara and Simba Kahn!

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