More “G” Boys …

Sorry to do this to you, but it’s incredibly tedious to upload one photo at a time to the BLOG.  I had a great little photo shoot with “the boys” and there were quite a few good ones.  I can upload them en-mass to my website.  Here’s the page – scroll down to 4 1/2 weeks old:


4 responses to “More “G” Boys …

  1. I love how they’re all lying in your lap in these pictures! They know who their second mommy is!

  2. More wonderful pictures of the G gang.

    Looking forward to some more H ones, pretty please.

  3. Thank you, Molly! Delightful photos! The kittens are simply adorable!! *heart melting* for the UMPTEENTH time! 😀

  4. They’re absolutely adorable, Molly!!

    I’m sure I speak for everyone in saying this…if it’s easier to upload the pictures to your website and provide us with a link, then do it that way! We only care about seeing the kittens. We all want you to have the least amount of work possible when it comes to providing “goodies” for us to drool over.

    Thank you for everything you do for us!


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