The Rest of the Story …

Imagine if you can — before you stands a mature, competent, unflappable breeder of the world’s most perfect kittens.  You hear her calm and collected, dare I say, SANE voice on the videos guiding her little fur-creatures through life.  On KittyCam you see glimpses of her multi-tasking with phone to ear, dripping kitten in one hand, soothing fractious mother kitty with the other.   OH!  I love that scenario!

Here’s the “real” story: I came down stairs in the morning (can’t remember which morning – it was actually several mornings) to the unmistakable stench of stud cat marking.   I have guests arriving soon.  Losing all contact with reality — i.e. this is not an end of the world issue — I drop to hands and knees, nose to the floor, in a vain attempt to discover every place marked so that it can be drenched in vinegar.  I harbor thoughts of calling the veterinarian to schedule Simba Kahn for a neuter surgery.  I soon learn that I have help.  Sequoia, just a kitten herself and still in training, finds a few of the ‘hot spots’ and decides that’s where she should pee — much more appropriate than one of the TEN litter boxes in the house.  I give over the hands and knees approach to just follow Sequoia around.  It’s much more efficient.  Now I’ve added to my worries that I have a problem in the making with Sequoia.  For good measure I spray the entire house with vinegar and it smells like I’m living in a salad bowl.  Mean while Sirocco and Sahara are making their hunger known in no uncertain terms, and Sahara moves things along by picking a fight with Kalahari — a not so innocent by-stander.   Better feed them first!  You know the rule.  “Take care of the mums, and they will take care of the kittens!”  But Sahara has been snoozing on the job and two of her kittens have poo smeared in their fur, so I start the water running in the sink to warm it up while I fix food for everyone.  Food down, bathe four kittens, then take a breath.

It enters my addled brain that this would be so much easier if I could keep both litters in the same room, so I pack up Sirocco and her brood and move them to a tidy little spot in the nursery … everything fits well and I’m happy.  Cam 2 is moved as well to keep an eye on the “H” litter.  I *think* Sahara is okay with this, but I’m on the look out.  As the day progresses she becomes more agitated.   She eventually jumps in with Sirocco for a while, but then remembers (I assume?) that she has others and leaps back out and into her own corral.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Sirocco so far is taking this insanity in stride.  But then I come in to find one lone “G” kitten outside the corral huddled and pathetic, but unbearably cute.  I put him back.  Sahara removes him again.  She’s no dummy, she tells me.  If I’m expecting her to take care of TWO litters instead of one, we should move them all to some central location.  Commuting is the pits!!   Sirocco has no comment and looks on with interest.  So, I pack the “H” litter’s little bags back up and move them back into the bathroom… oh, yes, with Cam 2 trailing behind.

All is calm and serene by the time my guests arrive, but I’m exhausted.  Now I DO realize, as life stresses go, this is very minor, but it’s all I have to complain about.  Sometimes life just has a way of getting people down and some people handle different things better or worse than others.  Ask me to drop and give you 20 push ups and I’m your gal, but I don’t handle stress well and I’ve been not so quietly on the verge of losing it, emotionally speaking.  Consequently I may have said some caustic things to dear friends via email or otherwise and I’m very sorry.  I’m jettisoning what I can as far as my stress load and I’m sure that will help.  Cam 2 is likely to be off for an hour or so on a nightly basis so I can take a hot bath.  Getting to bed early is also on the agenda if that’s possible.  I hope to come out of this soon and get back to my usual level of cute videos and photos.  I may not answer all of your emails nor address all of the questions I get through YouTube, the blog, and Facebook, but I do read them!  I’m sorry about the ‘weaning video’ … lol!  I took that down in a snit because it just worried too many people.  I’ll probably not re-upload it, but rest assured there will be plenty more to take it’s place.

And above all I do want to especially thank all of you who are SO INCREDIBLY supportive of me.  I’m not sure I deserve it, but I definitely TREASURE IT!!  Thank you all so much for being part of my extended family.


13 responses to “The Rest of the Story …

  1. Oh, Molly, you’re allowed from time to time! And I think a lot of us feel like you’re family! Family still loves the member who goes off bit occasionally when over stressed! And I got a kick out of the weaning video – just a day in the life!

  2. Molly, you absolutely deserve the supports and appreciations!! Thank you and take care. We love you! and all your kittes of course…LOL

  3. Molly, life has been crazy for you for the last month…anyone who is your friend absolutely understands! I’m sure anything you thought you may have said was either deserved or dismissed as a consequence of your stress. You have no idea what you & your feline family have done on a daily basis to make my life more tolerable. You have such a way with words and you make me smile & laugh, often when I need it the most! I can’t thank you enough! I wish I lived closer, not only because I would LOVE to visit, but because I wish I could help you.

  4. It all sounds so traumatic Molly, but you cope so well. And tell us all about it in an entertaining way. I have to say I could never cope with more than one cat at a time, never mind multiples, including intact Toms. Lets hope Sequoia also gets back to her normal routine soon.

  5. I wondered why Sahara was hopping back and forth between kittens. I saw her doing it, and I couldn’t imagine what was going on, or what Sirocco would think of it. Thanks for explaining the mystery! I do hope that everything is calm now, Molly. Although I thoroughly enjoy every video, picture and blog you post, sometimes I get tired just thinking about all that you do, and I feel guilty! So please, take a break! I will have withdrawals, not having my daily kitty video or update, but I will survive — and you need to take a bit of time for yourself!

    • I SAY I’ll cut back, but every time something cute happens I dash for the camera .. as you can imagine … I”m “dashing” a lot … lol!

  6. Molly!!! I stress as well very much so – I know how you feel. I would think it is very hard work and stressful trying to keep all the kitties under control, just like kids really, and I definately do not have the patience in that department anymore, that is for sure. I had to laugh out loud about the vinegar and salad bowl comment. Hahaha !!! Whatever you said or did, we forgive you and love your very much. As my dear mother tells me even now at my age, try to relax more !!! 😉

  7. I echo everything that has so well been put by others who got in first.

    I may be the ONLY one in the world… BUT … I just wish you WOULD put the ‘supressed’ video back , perhaps with a slightly amended title pointing to description or something.

    The first 99% of you enouraging kitties feeding was one of the most delightful you’ve ever put up, and shd not be ‘lost to poserity’.

    But I fully understand that you can do without 100 million queries that it generated.

  8. Dear Molly, you deserve all our support and care. I think your kittens and your friend know how much you care for them and sometimes things who don’t look perfect will became so very soon.
    So don’t worry, you have a lot of friends and a bunch of cute kittens to help you feel better. Polly’s supporting you,too, sending a purr to ease the stress.

    [by the way if anyone were interested in making a ‘pee marked places detector’ who doesn’t look like a living cat,it would help a lot of people! ]

  9. Oh Molly, I’m sure we all say things in times of stress that we may regret later, I know I have, on more than one occasion. Real friends will always understand one another’s little misdemeanors (do I really mean misdemeanor? Just looked it up in the dictionary and it says petty crime, lol.)
    I have to say, I had quite an amusing picture in my mind of you crawling round on hands and knees following the pee trail.
    Don’t ever change Molly, just be you, that’s why your friends (human and feline) love you. 😀

  10. Ohhh Molly!

    Laughed and (cried also) reading your post….

    Molly, (our belated) Mother’s Day gift to you and the Mythic Bells Family would be returning to you the joy, laughter, devotion and utter cuteness you’ve shared with all of us. You’ve enriched our lives in so many ways, no need to apologize – ever!

    Now, if I thought that we could actually get a vid of you Molly, feet up on a pillow and sipping camomile tea, I’ll volunteer to scoop and clean 10 litter boxes (spotlessly… watched your how to vid!), wash the floor, bathe baby icky bums and… manage KF. But I don’t do windows!

    The offer stands Molly, anytime. ( I travel to Pleasanton weekly for business)

    Many purrs…. Gizmo, Rocky and Staff

  11. The recent death of your Mother has subconsciously taken its toll on you, Molly.

    She will always be in your heart, so let the time for mourning take its course and, in due time, things will gradually get back in some sort of normalcy, – perhaps after the kitties are a little older and can be combined in one area.

    You are a lovely person, as we see your patience with the kitties on all those videos and so much love and attention is always shown.

    After all, two Moms and seven babies is a lot for anyone to handle with the care you give them.

    Relax a little and don’t worry about all those little kitty-poop things. They are wash and wear and the enjoyment of seeing them in their natural state is nothing but a normal day, right?

  12. You are an incredible kitty mom/grandmom!
    You do a great job keeping everyone healthy and happy. You do not miss a beat and it shows

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