A Little of This and a Little of That …

The “H” litter is now in their tiny corral while “G” Litter has graduated to the large corral complete with litter box.  A few have even started nibbling food off of my fingers.  All 7 kittens continue to do very well and are gaining weight every day.

Kalahari Falcon

Gobi Bear

Gypsy Rose




Tiny Bear




5 responses to “A Little of This and a Little of That …

  1. All I can say is, “Awwwwwwwww!” Cute pictures all around!

  2. Thanks for new(s), update(s) , and picture(s)

    To what extent have each of the other feline members of the household met
    a) Sahara’s Glitter (and whats her reaction?)
    b) Sirocco’s Hlitter (and whats her reaction?)


  3. Big mahalos for the beautiful photos! The cuteness and beauty of your kitties is beyond compare. They are a joy to behold!

  4. Ditto what Jill & Kat said and what Bobin asked…

  5. I see you managed to get a picture of Sequoia eventually Molly and very beautiful she looks too, as do all of the kitties. As for those videos …… I just sit and watch in seventh heaven. 😀

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